Apps that can answer the question: What’s that outside the aircraft window?

In case you have ever looked out an airplane window and were wondering what it was that you were seeing down below, David Parker Brown, the blogger behind AirlineReporter, has recently pointed out that Mark Vanhoenacker has written about a few good apps on his NY Times In Transit blog that are probably better than just asking the stewardess or your seatmate.

Specifically, Vanhoenacker wrote about two different apps, WindowSeat and MondoWindow, that will help you to identify those mountains, bodies of water or other geographic landmarks that you see.  With WindowSeat, users do not need an internet connection and the app also does not use GPS. Instead, you just tell the app your takeoff location and time of take off and the app will then make a good guesstimate as to your location and flight plan. On the other hand and if there will be Internet access on your flight, MondoWindow will provide you with an interactive map of your flight along with live information.

Naturally, you still need to be flying in clear skies or just below the clouds for these apps to be of any real use or entertainment value.  Moreover, it appears that these apps are only good if you are flying to and from certain locations in the USA.

Hence, we want to ask you our readers: Do you know of any similar apps that cover other parts of the world such as the UK or Continental Europe that are worth mentioning?

WindowSeat App Screenshot

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