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Unforgettable: What were your best flights?

John Zimmerman has recently written an article for Air Facts that recounted some of his best flights and also mentioned a recent book written by Flying magazine editor Lane Wallace entitled: “Unforgettable: My 10 Best Flights.” Lane has flown plenty of interesting flights from the Swiss Alps to Key West and she has flown these […]

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On-board the delivery flight for a new British Airways 777

I love visiting aircraft factories and this is why, when British Airways invited me to fly to Seattle and witness the delivery of a new 777-300ER airliner, I jumped at the chance. I fly a lot, both as a pilot and a passenger, and I really wanted to see how Boeing built them and what […]

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Hidden Journeys, Beautiful Pictures From The Royal Geographical Society

If you have ever stared outside of an aircraft window wondering just what you are seeing below you or what is below you, the Royal Geographical Society has teamed up with the Institute of British Geographers to come up with the Hidden Journeys Project. Specifically, the web portal contains 15 amazing flight paths from around […]

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