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Techniques and tips for great landings

Pat Flannigan has recently written a short post entitled “10 Ways to Mess Up a Great Landing” with his ten ways being: Too much airspeed Too little airspeed Flare too high Flare too aggressively No crosswind technique Wrong crosswind technique Not transitioning eyes down the runway Over-controlling the airplane Not trimming Unstabilized approaches With that […]

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A fraction of a jet for a fraction of the cost

If god had meant us to fly he’d have given us more money. Buying a jet is expensive. Even an ‘entry-level’ jet like the lovely Cessna Citation Mustang is just under $3m. This is where fractional ownership operators like NetJets come in. (Full disclosure, NetJets is a client of my company Articulate Marketing.) Like timeshare […]

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FAA’s advice to pilots: Don’t get too comfortable

General Aviation news has a lengthy article about FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt in the USA and some of the advice he gave to pilots at the recent Meet the FAA forum at the Sun ’n Fun air show in Florida. At the forum, Babbitt advised: When someone sees a new pilot, it sometimes makes you […]

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Five things I wish I knew when I started

This is a guest post by Chris Powell from his highly recommended aviation blog. When I entered my aviation training I was already an atypically well-prepared student. I’d been following aviation and the flying community off and on since childhood.  I’d flown in the right seat plenty of times, already understood basic aerodynamics, and generally […]

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