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Martin JetPack P12

A practical jetpack (finally) takes off

Jetpacks have been a staple of science fiction and movies for decades. Remember James Bond’s flight in Thunderball? However, these older designs had a number of drawbacks: they couldn’t fly very far or very long and they were difficult to control. If you wanted a jetpack, you’d be better be a daredevil stunt pilot. Until now.

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Rare Vulcan bomber set to appear at the Victory Show

The Harborough Mail has reported that the world’s only flying Cold War-era Avro Vulcan XH558 bomber recently spotted in the skies above Harborough again after 15 years and £7 million was spent to restore it to airworthy condition at Bruntinghtorpe by the Sky Trust. Picture by Chris Jenkins For those of you who aren’t familiar […]

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Convair 580 enthusiast charter

This is a guest post from Jeffrey Popoviz, a 17 year-old aviation enthusiast from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He runs Vintage Air Ventures, which runs charter flights on classic planes. He offers GHW readers a $50 discount on the next flight in August so mention the site when you book!   Ever since my first flight in […]

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On Board Boeing’s New 787 Dreamliner

A couple of weeks ago British Airways invited me to visit their newly-extended maintenance facility at Heathrow to see the new Boeing 787 which was visiting briefly. I had seen them on the production line in America but we weren’t allowed to take photos, so this was a great opportunity to see a fantastic new […]

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On-board the delivery flight for a new British Airways 777

I love visiting aircraft factories and this is why, when British Airways invited me to fly to Seattle and witness the delivery of a new 777-300ER airliner, I jumped at the chance. I fly a lot, both as a pilot and a passenger, and I really wanted to see how Boeing built them and what […]

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Eclipse returns, Piper retreats

Eclipse Aerospace looks set to put the Eclipse 500 very light jet back into production, backed by aviation giant Sikorsky. Eclipse originally promised a light jet that would cost under $1m. I remember writing about it for Popular Science or Wired back in 2001. However the company went bust in 2008 after producing 260 aircraft. […]

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A review of the Cessna Skycatcher from a CFI’s perspective

Meg Godlewski has written a very lengthy article for General Aviation News about the Cessna Skycatcher from the perspective of a CFI. In fact, the Skycatcher was designed as a light sport aircraft (LSA) as well as an inexpensive training platform and Meg noted that at the flying club where she evaluated the aircraft, it […]

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Airplane repo

This post was first published on my Forbes Aviator column. If you own an aircraft and you fall behind on your aircraft loan, your plane may come face to face with guys like Nick Popovich (of Sage-Popovich, Inc.) or Ken Hill (of Business Aircraft Sales Corp.) – professional aircraft repossession specialists. As you can imagine, […]

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