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Tips for keeping flight training costs manageable

Let’s face it, flight training is an expensive passion but John Fiscus, the Chief Pilot of the Flight Academy, recently wrote a short post for the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) website with a few tips about how to keep flight training costs at a manageable level. Specifically, John had been asked on another […]

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Does the price of avgas impact how much you fly?

Kent Misegades has written a blog post repeated by General Aviation News about an interesting article in EAA’s November 2011 issue of Sport Aviation (“My $.02 on $6 Avgas”) which had pointed out that the price of avgas might be less important than you think. In the article, author Mike Busch calculated the annual costs […]

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Business aviation up in arms over proposed European slot rules

Russ Niles, the Editor-in-Chief of AVweb has written a short article about business aviation in Europe being up in arms over recommendations in a consultant’s report to sharply reduce access to some European airports. Specifically, Russ mentioned the Steer Davies and Gleave Impact Assessment report to the European Commission (EC) which recommends that airport slots […]

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Is affordable flying really out of reach?

Ron, the blogger behind the House of Rapp blog, has written a lengthy and informative post about affordable flying that is well worth reading by pilots and would-be pilots alike. Ron began his post by pointing out some startling flying statistics: In 1980, the decennial census counted 226,545,805 people in the United States. That same […]

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Does flying and flight training need to be expensive?

We know that flight training and flying can both be expensive, but does it need to be that way? According to Jamie Beckett, who recently wrote an article on the subject for General Aviation News, the answer is no. Jamie began her article by writing that the high cost of flight training itself is the […]

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