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CFI Tools upgrades Preflight App. CFI Tools has released an expanded weather forecast function for its Preflight WX+ App for the iPad. This comes in addition to its existing offerings which include preflight information, weight and balance, takeoff and landing distance functions. For more information, visit

Tower 2011 Simulator Review. For simulator fans, the Planegrazy blog has posted a review of the Tower 2011 Simulator from Wilco Publishing. The simulator simulates most FAA commands and includes a full editor to allow players to build their own airports.

Flight Sims for IFR Practice. In addition, Blake has posted a review on his Fly With Blake blog about using X-Plane and FlightGear for IFR practice. He noted that the X-Plane is the flight simulator as it runs on all platforms and its extremely accurate while FlightGear is an open source flight simulator where anybody can contribute code to improve it. The desktop version of X-Plane retails for US$30 and the mobile version is available for US$10 while FlightGear is currently free.

Touring the New Heathrow Terminal 5. Meanwhile, regular flyers out of Heathrow may want to check out the the Cranky Flier blog where there is a detailed review plus pictures of the new Heathrow Terminal 5. “The Cranky Flier” concluded that Terminal 5 is “a great place.”

Amelia Earhart: The Turbulent Life of an American Icon. For aviation history buffs, Aviatrix, the blogger behind the Cockpit Conversation blog, has posted a review “Amelia Earhart: The Turbulent Life of an American Icon” by Kathleen C. Winters. Aviatrix wrote that her favorite parts of the book are those where Amelia’s path “intersects with other aviatrices of her era: Jean Batten, Laura Ingalls, Edna Gardner Whyte, Louise Thaden, Blanche Noyes, Jackie Cochran, Mary Heath, Mary Bailey and other women whose aviation achievements are largely forgotten.”

Are Glass Cockpit Airplanes Unsafe? In addition, General Aviation News has posted a review of “Glass Cockpit Flying” by Robert Littlefield. The author of the book noted that glass cockpit airplanes are less safe than they should be and hence, he wrote the book to remedy this problem by explaining what makes glass cockpit airplanes different. For more information, visit

Aircraft Landing on a Car Stunt Goes Wrong. Finally, has posted this video of a stunt involving an aircraft landing on a moving car. As you can see from the video, the stunt did not go as planned!

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