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GNS 5870 Bluetooth GPS for the iPad. John Ewing has posted an extensive review of the GNS 5870 Bluetooth GPS for the iPad. He concluded that while this type of GPS solution could help pilots avoid class bravo airspace or visually acquire a unfamiliar airport, finding a runway at the end of an instrument approach will still require an IFR-certified GPS.

Ramp Risk Management Strategies. On a safety note, pilot, mechanic and FAA Safety Briefing associate editor Tom Hoffman has written an article entitled “Safety from the Ground Up” for the January/February issue of FAA Safety Briefing. In the article, Tom will walk readers through some essential ramp risk management strategies that will help to ensure a smooth takeoff. Tips covers issues such as picking the right clothes appropriate for the weather and how to protect yourself from ramp safety hazards or foreign debris on ramps and taxiways that can damage an aircraft.

Online Mountain Flying Course. On another safety note, General Aviation News has mentioned that the Air Safety Institute has an interactive Mountain Flying online course. The course allows users to experiment with the effects of density altitude on aircraft performance as well as see what its like to fly over and through mountains during the day and at night.

Aircraft Accident Rate is the Lowest in History. On a general safety note, Planegrazy  has mentioned an announcement by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that safety performance for 2010 has shown the year’s accident rate for Western-built jet aircraft to be the lowest in aviation history. The rate (as measured in hull losses per million flights of Western-built jet aircraft) was 0.61 or equal to one accident for every 1.6 million flights. This was a significant improvement from the 0.71 rate recorded for 2009 (one accident for 1.4 million flights).

Seven Entries for EAA’s Electric Flight Prize. On a green aviation note, General Aviation News has reported that EAA AirVenture 2011 has so far received seven applications for the US$60,000 Electric Flight Prize which will highlight an array of new powerplant along with airframe designs. A total of twelve entries will be accepted while events surrounding the contest will start on July 26. For more information, visit the eVenture 2011 website.

How the Shift in Magnetic North Affects Flying. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has an article that explains how the shift in magnetic north impacts flying. It was noted that the current shift of about 40 miles a year will create a 1° difference in compass direction every five years. This means that over time, pilots could wind up one or several degrees off — which could translate to a few or even hundreds of miles depending on how long the flight is.

New Aircraft Paint. Finally and in case you have ever wondered about aircraft paint, the Cranky Flier website has an interesting post about airline efforts to develop paint that is more aerodynamic and weights less plus the reasons for using paint on aircraft. In fact, the post mentioned that easyJet will start to use a new paint that they think will improve fuel consumption by 2 percent and add up to significant cost savings.

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