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The Chinese Acquire Cirrus. China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (CAIGA) has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Cirrus Industries. This comes after Chinese companies successfully acquired the assets of bankrupt Epic Aviation and entered into deals to buy Teledyne Continental Motors and Emivest Aerospace. The transaction is expected to close around mid-2011 – pending government approval.

Co-Founder of Cirrus Visits the National Air & Space Museum. And speaking of Cirrus, Alan Klapmeier, the company’s cofounder who is now the driving force behind the Kestrel Aircraft Co., has written a blog post in The Atlantic where he talks about a recent visit he made to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC and why the history of aviation is important.

Flying the Latest Software For the Perspective. Meanwhile, John Fiscus has written a post for the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) blog about flying with the latest software updates for the Cirrus Perspective. He noted that the new systems are a significant safety advancement.

March/April 2011 FAA Safety Briefing Released. On another safety note, the latest edition of the FAA safety briefing is now available and articles in the issue are meant to complement the four these of the 2nd Annual Safety Standdown. Standdown themes include: Positive Flight Attitude, Going Beyond Preflight, En Route Cruise and Maneuvering Flight.

Social Flights, LLC Launches. In the USA, Social Flights, LLC has just launched at as a web-based service that will enable travelers to reserve individual seats on private aircraft at rates that are comparable to commercial airline fares. According to the press release, users will be able to form “tribes” with other travellers who have the same interests so that they can travel on a routine basis.

FlyRuby Makes Booking a Private Jet Easier. On the other hand and if you are looking to book an entire private jet, FlyRuby has announced that it can make the booking process as simple as booking a ticket for a commercial. In fact, they say that their service can find the right plane within minutes rather than hours.

Young Girl Finds her Niche as a Pilot. On an inspirational note, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph has a story about Michelle Clark, a pilot with a regional commuter airline who started taking flying lessons after high school at age 15 – with the full support of her parents. She has since had the opportunity to fly all over the world either as a pilot or a standby passenger.

An Airplane… On a Manhattan Roof Top. And finally, has come across a story on Gothamist about a World War I Sopwith Camel fighter bi-plane that is parked on the roof of a Manhattan skyscraper. The aircraft, which is not air-worthy, is part of an art installation and apparently its visible in Google Earth photos.

Sopwith Camel fighter bi-plane

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