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China’s Purchase of Cirrus Faces Scrutiny. A recent article in the Wall Street about the proposed sale of Cirrus Aircraft to China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd., a unit of China Aviation Industry Corp. (AVIC), noted that the deal is facing additional scrutiny from US regulators. If the sale goes through, the Chinese state-run firm will have full access to Cirrus’s line of four-seat turbo-prop planes as well as technology for a small jet in development. Moreover, AVIC also manufactures a stealth jet fighter in China and has come under scrutiny in the past for bidding on U.S. defense contracts.

Buy an Aircraft, Get an iPad. If you are in the market for a new aircraft, Pilatus Business Aircraft, Ltd., the makers of the PC-12 NG, will give new customers an Apple iPad that contains interactive content customized to each owner’s individual aircraft plus delivery documents, owner’s manuals and a wide range of aviation apps. For more information, visit

Virtual HUD Introduces a Few Nifty New Products. Meanwhile, the Baby Boomer Airplane Blog has a podcast where Bill Steele of Virtual Hud talks about two new products: The Wingman (which is a portable back up attitude indicator) and the Affinity (a true heads up display). Adds Electronic Flight Data Import Engine. If you are a user of’s flight logging service, General Aviation News has noted that they have added a redesigned import engine that allows automatic parsing and saving of data into’s database from dozens of other pilot logbook and electronic flight logging software packages. For more information, visit

Garmin Store in Chicago Offers Free G1000 Instruction. If you have any plans to visit Chicago, you may want to drop by the Garmin Store there as the My Flight Blog has noted that the store will offer pilots an hour of instruction on the G1000 with a Certified Flight Instructor – for FREE. To learn more, simply click on GPS Academy on the Garmin Store website to get started.

Be Sure to Turn on This New Perspective Feature. Meanwhile, John Fiscus of the Flight Academy has written on the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) website that the latest update to Perspective software has a certain feature that doesn’t necessarily come turned on and that the pilot has to do it. This new feature that comes turned off allows you to see an arc on the moving map which predicts where your aircraft will be when it reaches a new altitude.

Coalition to Save GPS is Launched. On a technology and scientific note, General Aviation News has noted that representatives from a wide variety of industries and companies have formed the “Coalition to Save Our GPS” to resolve a “serious threat” to the Global Positioning System (GPS) in the USA. It was noted that a company called LightSquared has plans to build up to 40,000 ground stations transmitting radio signals that are one billion times more powerful than GPS signals. This could mean 40,000 ‘dead spots’ that are miles in diameter. For more information, visit

Hypersonic Jet Engine to be Unveiled. And finally on another technology note, on Monday aerospace engineering researchers and students at the University of Virginia will unveil a prototype of a hypersonic “scramjet” engine that can travel at five times the speed of sound or twice the speed of a bullet.  The scramjet engine being developed will be used in a 2012 flight test and could one day allow a plane to fly from New York to Los Angeles in just 40 minutes.

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