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Prepare for Your Checkride, and Pass Webinar. For student pilots, the Aero Experience blog has a webinar that will tell you what you need to do before you go to your checkride. The webinar will also show common mistakes applicants make during their checkrides for both the oral part and the flight itself.

Dynon Releases Skyview 3.0. On a different note, General Aviation has announced that Dynon Avionics has released Version 3.0 firmware for the SkyView Integrated Glass Panel system. SkyView can now utilize Jeppesen NavData as part of its GPS navigation software and as part of the agreement between Dynon and Jeppesen, Jeppesen will offer 50% off the regular annual subscription price for NavData and obstacle data for Dynon customers. However, the special offer only last until midnight midnight May 15.

Aircraft Spruce Sells the EZ-Clear Cleaning Kit. General Aviation News has also mentioned that Aircraft Spruce is now offering the Garmin and AOPA-recommended EZ-Clear Cleaning Kit for cockpit instruments. The cleaning kit will come with three EZ-Clear cleaning packs and one polishing cloth and is available for US$12.95. For more information, visit

Museum Receives Rare Hindenburg and Zeppelin Artifacts. On a historical note, the International Women’s Air & Space Museum in Cleveland has recently received a number of rare Zeppelin and Hindenburg artifacts that were owned by Clara Adams. Clara was a passenger on many historical first flights in aviation – including the 1928 transatlantic flight of the Graf Zeppelin and the inaugural flight of the Hindenburg.

Susquehanna River Tour. Meanwhile, Gary, the blogger behind Gary’s Flight Journal, has posted a great trip report complete with plenty of pictures of a grand flying tour he did of the Susquehanna River – an important part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in the USA. He had actually thought up the trip as far back as 2007 but had to put it on hold until now.

European Grown Aviation Biofuel. On a green aviation note, the Enviro Aero blog has noted the announcement of a project that will develop sustainable aviation biofuel feedstock in Romania. The project is being led by Romanian airline TAROM along with Airbus.

New York to Cannes Flight in a Mooney. Finally and for the 2011 Cannes Air Show for June 9-11, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation webzine has noted that Jacques Callies (pilot, editor of Aviation & Pilote Magazine) and Gilles Khaïat (attorney at law in Paris) will attempt to set a new record by flying their Mooney Ovation2 GX without supplemental fuel equipment from New-York to Cannes – in less than 24 hours. It was noted that the Mooney Ovation 2 GX is a modern and powerful (280 HP) single engine aircraft that is also equipped with de-icing and oxygen – which will be essential for flights over Greenland and for icing conditions. For more information about the flight and the airshow, visit

Mooney Ovation2 GX

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