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Runway Incursion at Dublin. Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing Blog, has written a thorough summary about a serious runway incursion incident in Dublin early last year that involved two aircraft and two air traffic controllers. The cause? One flight crew lost situational awareness after misidentifying their position and taxied onto an active runway as another aircraft was taking off.

RAF Coningsby Photos. The Aviationist’s contributor Alessandro Fucito recently spent a day at RAF Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, which is the main UK Typhoon base and the home base of several Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon units, to take some great photos which you can view on the Aviationist website here.

Autumn Foliage From the Air. In addition, Steve, the blogger behind “A mile of runway will take you anywhere,” has posted some great aerial photos of autumn foliage taken while flying his Cub over Ohio.

New Cabin Heaters. If you are planning to do any winter flying, Hartzell Engine Technologies has received FAA TSO approval in the USA for its new and improved I-Series of aircraft cabin heaters (although UK based pilots may want to check with the CAA regarding any rules over their use here). The heaters can be purchased through HET’s worldwide distributor network which can be found by clicking here.

Another Encounter With a Deer. Last week, we noted an old NTSB accident report about an aircraft encounter with a deer on take-off but the AOPA Pilot Blog has reported a similar incident where a pilot and his student struck a deer while trying to take off at Ohio’s Carroll County Airport. Those in the aircraft were fine (but again, no word on the deer’s condition!)

A Poetic Checklist. General Aviation News has reported that Kenneth Karnes, aged 75, recently started flying again after a several-year hiatus. To help remember his checklist, he composed one that’s actually a poem entitled “Check List – Take-off, Cruise, Descent, Landing” which you can read in its entirety here.

Pilot Proposes Through a Checklist. Finally, another pilot recently turned his emergency checklist or “ring engagement procedure” into an airborne marriage proposal which he also filmed using a hidden camera. However, the proposal starts with the aircraft shaking and him saying: “Honey, I need you to stay calm. The flight controls aren’t working.” Luckily, she had a sense of humour and said yes!

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