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“Spirit of Aviation” Photo Competition: Win a Private Pilot’s License (PPL). Swiss luxury watch brand Breitling is launching a global photo competition on Facebook with the top prize being a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) while the runner up will receive a once-in-a-lifetime flight with the Breitling Jet Team. Moreover, the judges will include pilot/actor John Travolta and Swiss aerial adventurer Yves “Jetman” Rossy. The closing date for entries will be May 17 and to find out more about the competition’s terms and conditions, click here.

Air Facts to Be Relaunched as an Online Journal. On an aviation publication note, Air Facts, which was first published in 1938, will be revived as an online journal edited by their former editor Richard Collins (whose father started the publication) and presented by Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Air Facts will explore how to safely use aircraft for transportation and include information about places for pilots to go and things to do once they get there. Air Facts can be accessed for free at

World’s Only Female Spitfire Pilot. On a historical note, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation Webzine has mentioned that the BBC has an article about Carolyn Grace, 58, who is thought to be the world’s only female Spitfire pilot. She recently gave the public a view of her Spitfire over Southampton Water. Interestingly enough, the Spitfire belonged to her husband and she learned how to fly it after he died in a 1988 car accident.

Pilots Plan to Recreate Historical Trans-Pacific Flight. Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald has an article about two pilots who plan to recreate the first US to Australia flight back in 1928. The original flight was completed in a Fokker F.VII called the Southern Cross that left from Oakland, CA and arrived in Brisbane, Australia. The modern version of the flight will be done in a Beechcraft A-36 – and utilize all the latest technology available.

Does the Ruling Class Get Special Treatment in Aviation? On a different note, pilot and writer James Fallows has recently written an interesting article for the Atlantic where he asked whether or not US Senator James Inhofe got off easy after his unauthorized landing in Texas last October. His answer: He does not know because the incident involving the Senator was a really unusual case.

The FAA DOES Give the Ruling Class Special Treatment. On the other hand, Scott Spangler has written a post on his Jetwhine blog where he argued that the Senator did get special treatment.

AirCruise Launches. And if you are planning a vacation to the USA, David Parker Brown has mentioned AirCruise by Mauiva – a business whose business model is similar to that of cruise ships only they use private jets to transport tourists to various sights around the USA. Brown’s got an exclusive look at how the new venture will operate and some of the destinations available. With AirCruise, tourists pay one fee, US$1,499 for the east coast experience and US$1,799 for the west coast tour, and then just show up to the airport.

Take a Ride in Glider Above the Rocky Mountains. Finally and if you are planning a trip to the Yellowstone area, Alton K. Marsh, the Senior Editor of AOPA Pilot, has mentioned an April AOPA Pilot article on Yellowstone and Grand Teton where he got to ride along during a Teton Aviation glider flight out of Driggs, Idaho, and he took a video of the flight. The glider flight is available to tourists but his flight was a solo affair.

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