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Are Skycatcher Buyers Bailing? Alton K. Marsh, the Senior Editor of AOPA Pilot, has written that rumors heard at the last US Sport Aviation show in January about Skycatcher buyers with deposits bailing are true. According to the rumors, hundreds of Skycatcher buyers with deposits bailed as soon as the price of the light sport aircraft rose to $149,900 and apparently the AOPA’s Jim Moore took a detailed look into the records to find out that those rumors are true. Apparently, Cessna is conducting more test flights and will have something to announce in two or three months while there are 77 sitting in crates somewhere – either China or Independence, Kansas. Cessna has no comment.

Unmanned Aircraft Industry to Create 70,000 New Jobs. General Aviation News has reported about a new study from the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) which found that the unmanned aircraft industry is poised to create more than 70,000 new jobs in the first three years with the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the US national airspace system. Integration is scheduled to take place in 2015 with more than 100,000 new jobs expected to be created by 2025.

X-Plane Version 10.20 Available. Laminar Research has released the latest version of its flight simulator, X-Plane Version 10.20. According to company officials, this new 64-bit version of X-Plane solves the challenges of X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator customers unable to keep up with the larger memory requirements due to the more complex aircraft models, higher resolution textures and improved scenery. For more information, visit

Flying Home from the Iditarod. The Alaska Dispatch has a photo album along with an article recounting some unexpected adventures flying home from the Iditarod race.

The Future of Cirrus Podcast. AVweb has a podcast interview with Cirrus Aircraft’s Pat Waddick, who was recently promoted to the job of president, and Dale Klapmeier who remains the CEO. The two talk about their vision for how Cirrus Aircraft will deal with the challenges and opportunities ahead. - Vesna VulovićVesna Vulović: Did She Really Fall 30,000 Feet? Sylvia of the Fear of Landing blog has an extensive post about Vesna Vulović who was a flight attendant on JAT Yugoslav Airlines Flight 367 which in 1972, broke up midflight at 33,000 feet (10,160 metres) and crashed into a wooded area in Czechoslovakia. She survived the plunge but remembers nothing of the incident. While a terrorist bomb was officially blamed for the crash, Sylvia reminds readers that some have theorized the DC 9 was accidentally shot down by a Czechoslovakian Mig fighter jet at low level.


The Science of Jet Lag. Finally and if you have ever suffered jet lag from long distance travel, the Bangalore Aviation blog has posted a video from a TED luncheon on the "Science of jet lag" by Professor Russell Foster, Chair of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Oxford University. In the video, the professor advises travellers to follow the following simple rules: 1) If you travel west, seek out morning light to delay your body clock. 2) If you travel east, AVOID morning light and seek out light in the afternoon and in the evening (by artificial means if needed) to advance your body clock.


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