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Did Cirrus Sellout to China? The AOPA Pilot Reporting Points blog has noted an AOPA Live video where Cirrus Aircraft CEO Brent Wouters decried the short-sighted nature of the US investment community plus he explained why his company began talks with CAIGA – the Chinese firm that ultimately bought Cirrus.

President Obama and General Aviation. In other politically charged news, criticism of President Obama and his perceived perceptions of general aviation in the USA are rising. Charles Spence has summed up the responses by various general aviation officials while Jamie Beckett has written an extensive opinion piece for General Aviation News. For the record, the President’s comments which have sparked controversy in general aviation circles were: “The tax cuts I’m proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires; tax breaks for oil companies and hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners.”

Dragging the FAA and ATC Into the 21st Century. In addition, Paul Bertorelli has written an interesting op-ed about fatigue management and dragging the FAA into the 21st century by having them allow air traffic controllers to take naps. Interestingly enough, UK reader Bryan Brough posted:

I recently retired after 38 years of shift work in British ATC. Working through every hour of the day over several days is cumulatively very tiring. Tiredness leads to errors, which of course are not a good thing in the field of ATC. In the UK we do have the ability to arrange brief sleep breaks during the quiet times over a night shift. This is only sensible, since the end of a night shift typically involves busiest traffic levels.

Set an Aviation Record and Win a Leather Jacket. On a lighter note, General Aviation News has reported that pilots who set a world record through the National Aeronautic Association in a fixed-wing aircraft will be eligible to receive a free leather flight jacket inscribed with the NAA Logo along with the words: “World Record Holder.” Restrictions do apply and qualifying records must be set in weight class “F” or higher and set between July 6 and September 30.

Gameloft Launches iPad Book App Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat. For history buffs, Gameloft, the global publisher of digital and social games, has just launched a book-app called “Warplanes: A History of Aerial Combat.” The book-app allows readers to not only read about historic aircraft but it also allows them to interact with them through rotatable 3D models. The new book-app is available on iTunes for $6.99.

ForeFlight Mobile Ranked the “Best App.” Meanwhile, the July issue of Aviation Consumer has named ForeFlight Mobile the “Best App” in the magazine’s Gear of the Year wrap-up. To learn more about ForeFlight Mobile, visit their blog at

Bay Area Aerial Photographs. On a different note, John Ewing has posted some great aerial photographs taken while flying above and around the Bay Area of California.

Flying Car Receives Exemptions. And finally, the Terrafugia Transition or so-called "roadable aircraft" has received special exemptions from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA. The exemptions will help pave the way for eventual commercial deliveries of the world’s first commercial “roadable aircraft.”

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