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Talk Like a Pilot
Cessna 152 POH. For anyone looking for a Cessna POH (technically its a PIM) in PDF format, Paul of has posted an entry with an embedded link to one that can be used as a flight training reference (and NOT in lieu of the required POH). To download the file, simply go to the post and click on the link.

Five Items That Should Never Leave a Pilot’s Flight Bag. Meanwhile, Vincent of Plastic Pilot has posted an entry about the 5 items that never leave his flight bag. They are a handheld radio, sunglasses, a pen (and a couple of spare ones), logbook and a portable GPS. He also outlines his reason for having these, along with several other suggested items, with him at all times.

Lessons Learned from Surviving a Downdraft. On a serious note, Jason of the MzeroA blog has written about an incident during the previous week where he was caught in a downdraft that took him from 5,000 feet to 2,000 feet in only 20 seconds. He was lucky to have come out of the incident unscathed and with a new respect for mother nature.

Talk Like a Pilot Day. And finally, Blake of Fly With Blake has noted that May 19th is International Talk Like a Pilot Day. If you are also not so sure about what “Talk Like a Pilot Day” is or for that matter, how to “talk like a pilot,” Blake suggests a helpful website that also includes a Monty Python RAF Banter video to help you get started.

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