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Touring the Kennedy Space Center. Meanwhile, Steve, the blogger behind A mile of runway will take you anywhere, has posted a bunch of fantastic pictures of his recent tour of the Kennedy Space Center. He toured the facility right after watching Atlantis both launch and land.

Moving Beyond the Space Shuttle. On a related note, Ron, the blogger behind the House of Rapp, has a thought provoking post about the space shuttle program and what comes next. Specifically, Ron asked the question whether its end is “just another transitional period for NASA or the decline of a once great space program?” His answer was that it is a little of both.

Photo Tour of the Singapore Airlines Training Facility. On an interesting note, David Parker Brown from the AirlineReporter blog recently got to go on a special tour of Singapore Airlines’ training facility. Included in his post are his descriptions (along with accompanied photos) of the airline’s flight simulators, flight attendant safety training and cabin crew procedure training.

Cessna Offers a Citation Flight Planning App for the iPad. Meanwhile, the Aircraft Performance Group has developed iPreFlight – an Apple iPad app that allows Cessna Citation pilots to accomplish full flight planning. Just some of the apps features include real-time METARs and winds aloft, routing, graphical weather, graphical weight & balance, flight planning, a Runway Analysis Max Payload Estimator (MPE) and a worldwide database. For more information, visit

Another Flying Car? On a different note, Aviation Week has reported that Scaled Composites, the developers of SpaceShipOne, is exploring potential options for a twin-fuselage, hybrid-powered aircraft that is intended to be a practical flying car. According to Aviation Week, the Model 367 BiPod will be a two-seat vehicle that will be: “…configured with removable wings, stabilizer and tail tips to enable swift conversion into a road vehicle. Seating one person per fuselage, the BiPod is designed to be driven like a car from the left-hand cockpit and flown as an aircraft from the right side.”

How Else Would a Pilot Celebrate His 90th Birthday? Finally, Tracy, the pilot behind the Around the Pattern blog, has mentioned an article from the Santa Maria Times about pilot Dan Daniels who recently turned 90. Dan has been a pilot and instructor for nearly 70 years. Hence, there was no better way for him to celebrate a 9oth birthday than to go for a glider flight.

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