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Used Business Jet Prices Set to Recover. Thanks to dwindling inventories, JETNET says that used jet prices are set to start rising after falling for two years. In fact, JETNET says that the average asking price for used aircraft jumped $1.2 million in June verses to June of 2010. However, it was also noted that of all the world’s business jets, 13.8% are for sale when about 12% is considered normal.

The Failure of Eclipse Jet. On an interesting note, Paul Bertorelli on AVweb has posted a detailed article about why Eclipse Jet failed. To sume up matters: The aircraft cost too much to build and sold for too little money. (“One owner told us Eclipse bankruptcy data showed that his airplane cost more than $2 million to build, but he paid only about $1 million for it”). Paul also has put together an interesting podcast interview with Dennis Maxwell, who was involved with Eclipse in the early days and has written a great book (The Great Eclipse) about what went wrong.

iPad Kneeboards + Mounts Debut. General Aviation News has noted the debut of MyGoFlight’s iPad Kneeboard Sport – which was designed by pilots for pilots. Specifically, the kneeboards work in aircraft where there is a cyclic or control stick used between the legs or in any aircraft where spaces are tight. For more information, visit

Laser-Gard Aviator Eyewear Debuts. If you are worried about laser attacks, which are are doubling on aircraft each year worldwide, Elliot Scientific has introduced Sperian’s Laser-Gard aviator eyewear. The eyewear

draws on 40 years experience making laser visors for the US Air Force to reduce the threat posed by green and red laser pointers.

Warning System Protects Hangared Planes. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has noted that Talon Air at Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, NY, has installed a perimeter-warning system in two of its hangars. The system uses Redscan laser-scan detectors from Optex to warn pilots when the aircraft comes within 8 feet of the hangar walls. The goal of installing the system was to reduce hangar mishaps plus insurance rates should also come down.

Fuel Price App Debuts. On a useful note, has introduced FBO Fuel Prices, an iPhone application that is designed to locate FBOs with the most competitive fuel prices. For more information, visit

New Pitot Gloves from Sporty’s. In addition, Sporty’s has introduced a new Pitot Glove that will securely wrap around angled pitot tubes in order to keep out insects. The Pitot Glove is available for $9.95 and for more information, visit

Flying Cars at AirVenture. Finally, AVweb has put together a short videos of the eclectic set of flying cars (some new and some historical) that appeared at AirVenture – specifically at a 1950s drive-in in Oshkosh.

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