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Remembering 9/11. Its been ten years since 9/11 and David Cenciotti’s Weblog is putting together an excellent series about the attacks starting with a post entitled US Air Defense response to the September 11 attacks: known and unknown facts (which describes how the NORAD reacted to the hijackings) and Air Force One journey on September 11: no escort during the attacks, 11 fighters when the airspace was completely free of airliners. In addition, AVweb has organized a series of recorded segments from a Rutgers Law Review presentation titled “A New Type of War” into a podcast that will provide insight into 9/11 from the perspective of the pilots, crew, controllers and military personnel who lived through the event. However, the podcast does contain audio from some of the final moments of the four airliners. Hence, discretion is advised.

Positive Reports from Oshkosh. On a less somber note, General Aviation News has noted that positive reports continue to come out of AirVenture 2011 with LSA orders in particular being strong. In fact, it was even noted that AirVenture’s Ultralight Area, which was once almost “written off for dead,” produced sales.

Mixed Outlook for the Business Jet Market. In addition, AVweb has noted that Raleigh, NC-based aircraft broker Jetcraft Corporation is saying that the market for business aircraft is looking beyond the current economic uncertainty as demand for certain types of aircraft remains steady. Hence, the company is “guardedly optimistic” that their current strong sales will be maintained. On the other hand and in an interview with Reuters, Dassault CEO Charles Edelstenne said that he thinks the current economic issues are hurting business jet sales but that the used market is looking a little better.

Hawker Beechcraft Brings in a Restructuring Expert. And speaking of the aviation market, the AOPA Pilot Blog has mentioned that Hawker Beechcraft has named a new CFO who happens to also be skilled in restructuring companies in transition. However, some observers are wondering whether Karin-Joyce “KJ” Tjon Sien Fat was brought in to restructure the company or instead prepare it (or parts of it) for sale. Stay tuned.

imageDeutsches Technikmuseum Visit. On a trip note, Rodney, the blogger behind Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings blog, is on vacation in Europe where he visited the Deutsches Technikmuseum (see part 1, 2 and 3). His last post had this photograph of the Cessna [Reims] F 172 P that was piloted by a 19 year who landed it in Moscow’s Red Square back in 1987 – much to the embarrassment of the Soviets at the time.

2011 Alaska Adventure. On another trip note, John Fiscus has posted a few great pictures on the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) blog from the second 2011 Alaska Adventure.

“Fastest Woman on Earth” Dies at 85. On different note, the Winged Victory: Women in Aviation Webzine has mentioned an article in the Washington Post that Betty Skelton, a three-time national aerobatics champion who became known as the “fastest woman on Earth” after setting various speed records in both airplanes and automobiles, died August 31 at the age of 85. Betty had actually made her first solo flight at age 12 – illegally.

85 Year Old Birthday Girl Goes Skydiving. And finally, the Winged Victory: Women in Aviation Webzine has mentioned a story about a woman who went skydiving for her 85th birthday. Apparently, Willa Cristina is a very active octogenarian who shared her skydiving adventure with all five of her children, her grandchildren and several of their spouses – each of whom also completed the jumps. Apparently her next adventure will involve going snowboarding with her grandson next February in Vail, Colorado.

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  1. Jamie Beckett September 12, 2011 at 01:22 #

    I wonder if the kid who landed in Red Square ever wrote a review of the line service he found on landing in the Soviet Union. It might make a humorous piece, considering he accomplished the equivalent of landing in the street outside Buckingham Palace, without raising any serious concern from the authorities until his wheels were on the ground and his prop had wound down to a stop.


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