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The Life of a Pan Am Air Hostess. Given that Pan Am will be a new TV series to be screened by the BBC this autumn, the Daily Mail recently had a lengthy article describing the lives of a Pan Am air hostess back during the glory years of flying in the 1960s. In those days, a Pan Am air hostess earned £80 a month – a considerable sum in those days but she would have also had to follow a considerable number of grooming requirements. In fact, Pan Am air hostesses were subject to grooming inspections before each and every flight.


Cherry Drying… With a Helicopter. On another interesting note, Vincent, the blogger behind the Plastic Pilot blog, has written about a helicopter pilot friend of his who has an unusual job: He uses the helicopter to perform “cherry drying” in Washington state. A commenter also noted a Daily Mail article about the same practice being done in New Zealand to dry grapes.

1929 Ford Trimotor Visits St. Louis. For fans of old aircraft, EAA’s 1929 Ford Trimotor recently visited St.  Louis and the Aero Experience blog has a few posts with a number of great pictures and videos of the aircraft. 

Aviation History Channel. Aviation history buffs may also want to check out the EAA’s Aviation History Channel. Specifically, the EAA AirVenture Museum recently hosted a World War II Veterans Panel discussion and a number of 8th Air Force veterans shared their experiences plus the channel also contains videos of other pilots who talked about their war experiences.

MyClip Kneeboard. On a product note, General Aviation News has mentioned that MyClip has designed a new kneeboard that will work the Apple iPad, HP Slate, the Galaxy Tab, the XOOM and the Acer Tablet. The Kneeboard is available for $39.95 from

New Touchscreen GPS. In addition, General Aviation News has mentioned that Android Flight Director has introduced the Aviation Suite FlightPad 10 – a 10-inch touchscreen aviation GPS that comes with moving map sectionals, an airport facility directory, graphical weight and balance calculator, N-Number lookup and 19 function E6B calculator. The device is available for $699.95 plus renewals priced at $99.95 per year. For further information, visit

Fund to Assist the Victims of the Reno Air Races Crash. On a different note, Think Kindness, a Nevada non-profit organization, has started a fund for the victims and family members impacted by the Reno Air Races crash. All proceeds will go directly to supporting victims of the accident and their families. For more information, visit

Pilot Completes a Quest to Land at Every Airport in His Home State. Finally, General Aviation News has profiled Larry Cutler, who got a private pilot license at aged 60 and then decided to land at every paved and public airport in his home state of New Jersey – including the busy airport at Newark. However, Larry noted that several New Jersey airports have narrow and short runways that can actually be more tricky. Otherwise, he is now planning to get an instrument rating plus fly further afield to Maine and Martha’s Vineyard.

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