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IFR Flight Gear Bag. Meanwhile, the blogger behind has purchased a new IFR Flight Gear Bag from Sportys. However, he does report one odd thing about the bag – he can’t seem to fit approach plates (when they are inside their protective cover) into the exterior chart pocket. Nevertheless, he still recommends the bag as a great way to keep everything organized.

Zeppelin Controls (Crankyflier)

Some Controller Staffing Trivia. And on another interesting (and somewhat random note), the ‘Fly NextGen’ Aviation Blog has posted some interesting trivia like facts from the FAA’s annual controller staffing report. Not surprisingly given the state of the economy, the agency beat its hiring target in 2008 by bringing in 2,196 trainees – a good thing since several hundred retire every year 2,358 are currently eligible for retirement.

Zeppelin Ride Above Long Beach. Meanwhile, Brett of the blog takes readers on a trip that few people will be lucky enough to experience – a ride on a Zeppelin. As he explains, the difference between a Zeppelin and a blimp is that a Zeppelin has a semi rigid structure with the engines mounted on the structure while a blimp is just an inflatable balloon with the engines mounted on the gondola. Hence, a Zeppelin offers a quiet (albeit slow) ride while a blimp is more noisy and thus, less pleasant to fly in. Anyway, Brett has posted a number of spectacular aerial shots that makes one hope that Zeppelins do make a comeback.

Grand Canyon Flyover. And finally, Brian of Brian’s Flying Blog takes readers with him on his flight above the Grand Canyon – something every pilot should have the chance to do at least once. Apparently, flying above it is not as big of a hassle as one might think due to a number of flying restrictions above the area and Brian explains how he went about planning his trip and the route that he took. The post is definitely worth a read by anyone contemplating (or just dreaming about) such a trip.

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