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“A Dark Mood Surrounds Corporate Jet Makers.” The New York Times has an article about the recent annual National Business Aviation Association convention that described attendees looking as “grave as an assembly of undertakers who had just checked their 401(k)s.” The article also mentioned that the industry accounts for 120,000 jobs in manufacturing, down 20,000 since 2008.

$100 Per-Flight Fee Proposal in the USA. Perhaps another reason for the gloom at the annual National Business Aviation Association is a proposal by President Obama to charge a $100 per-flight fee on corporate jets and other turbine-powered planes that use the US air-traffic system. A coalition of nine US associations representing the users and manufacturers of corporate and private aircraft have already issued a joint statement expressing their unified opposition to the proposal.

Podcast: China Business Aviation Group Is Bullish On China. In addition, AVweb also has a podcast interview with Jason Liao – the founder, chairman and CEO of China Business Aviation Group. Liao pointed out that demand for business aircraft in China is growing 100% annually and he believes that China could soon become the world’s largest market for business aviation by 2018. However, such growth will present challenges for both China’s infrastructure and regulation – which have not been fully addressed just yet.

Podcast: Advice for Owners of Aging Aircraft. On a different note, AVweb has also interviewed Marv Nuss, continued operational safety program manager for the FAA, who gives a quick overview of the issues with owning an aging aircraft.

Stalls and Spin Safety Quiz. On another safety related note, the AOPA Air Safety Institute now offers a free safety quiz focused on stalls and spins. Officials also state that pilots should take the quiz and then find a qualified instructor to demonstrate their knowledge on the topics.

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