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Skydiving Investigation. A few weeks ago, we mentioned that the FAA was investigating a sex diving incident but Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog, has conducted her own and very thorough investigation of the incident. She even managed to find the very explicit video recording of the incident unfold in the air which she has included on her blog for readers who want to draw their own conclusions about whether the stunt was safe – from an aviation standpoint….

New Website to Report Laser Incidents. In addition and when they are not busy investigating sex diving incidents, the FAA has put up a new website to make it easier for pilots and the public to report incidents involving lasers for the FAA to investigate (No word on whether the FAA will set up a website for the public to report sex diving incidents).

Podcast: Insurance Fallout at Sun ‘n Fun. Meanwhile, AVweb has a podcast talking about how not all of the costs associated with cleaning up after last year’s freak tornado are being covered by Sun ‘n Fun’s insurance carriers. This means that individual aircraft owners are being asked to submit claims to their carriers. For that reason, it might be a good idea to listen to the podcast in case you should attend such an event with your aircraft and the unexpected happens.

Female Pilots in the Middle East are Living the Dream. On an uplifting note, the Winged Victory Women in Aviation Webzine has reprinted an article from Arabian Aerospace about female pilots living the dream. In fact, the Middle East branch of the female pilots’ networking group, the 99s, now has more members than Austria, Brazil, UK, Far East, Finland, France, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway and Russia.

imageOwn the Last Piper Super Club Manufactured. For fans of Piper Super Clubs, the AOPA blog has mentioned that the very last Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub produced is up for sale by its, owner Allen Pomianek, who is based in Santa Monica, California. Apparently, Allen’s aircraft is in near mint condition, right down to the tires installed at the factory, as it only has about 550 hours on it since 1994. Allen is asking $175,000 for it and he can be reached at [email protected].

Sneak Peak Inside the Boeing 787. Curious about the Boeing 787? If so, Jon Ostrower, the blogger behind Flight Global, has mentioned Flightglobal’s 787 service entry special report – which he helped put together. There’s also a companion website that goes with the package that includes even more great content.

Where Was the First Commercial Mail Service? And finally on a historical note, Tracy, the blogger behind the Around the Pattern blog, found an article in the The Hindu newspaper in India about the celebration of 100 years of aviation in India. The article states that the first commercial airmail delivery by aircraft occurred in India on February 18, 1911. However, this can be disputed as 3 letters were flown from Petaluma to Santa Rosa (both in California) on February 17, 1911. On the other hand, Frenchman Henri Pequet carried 6500 letters on his flight from Allahabad to Naini a day later. So who do you think should be awarded bragging rights for this historical first?

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