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China’s Massive Pilot Shortage. AVweb has a brief article about the massive shortage of Chinese pilots. In fact, it was noted that there are about 12,000 airline pilots in China but up to 18,000 more are needed by 2015. Moreover, the seven Chinese flight schools cannot meet this demand – meaning there might be opportunities for both western pilots and flight schools.

Being a Female Pilot in the Nigerian Aviation Industry. In addition, the Winged Victory: Women in Aviation Webzine has reprinted an article from entitled: The Challenges Of Being A Female Pilot In The Nigerian Aviation Industry. It was mentioned in 2009, Aero, a Nigerian airline, became the first airline in Africa to operate a flight with an all female cockpit and cabin crew.

Sun ‘n Fun: Whose Loss is It? Meanwhile, AVweb has another podcast regarding the controversy over Sun ‘n Fun’s request that owners of aircraft damaged by the March 31 tornado submit claims for recovery and environmental clean-up to their own insurance carriers. AVweb spoke with Avemco president Jim Lauerman about how insurance protocols normally work in such circumstances.

Sporty’s iPad Starter Kit. General Aviation News has mentioned Sporty’s iPad Starter Kit, which includes a Dual Bluetooth GPS, iPad Kneeboard, iPad Charging Cable and an iPad Cleaning Cloth for $149.95. If that’s not enough for you, there is also Sporty’s Deluxe iPad Kit which includes a Dual Bluetooth GPS, iPad Flight Desk, iPad Charging Cable, iPad backup battery, an iPad Screen Protector and iPad Cleaning Cloth for $299.95.

Illustrated Buyer’s Guide to Used Airplanes. If you are in the market for a used aircraft, Flight Simulator Talk has mentioned the revised and updated Illustrated Buyer’s Guide to Used Airplanes – a book that is focused on used aircraft that cost under $100,000 and some that are as low as $20,000. The book contains current prices and profiles (including photos) of more than 100 of the top used aircraft.

imageA Trip to Bruges. Sam, the blogger behind the Blogging at FL250 blog, has recounted his trip to the Belgian city of Bruges and his post included a number of gorgeous pictures of the city. If you have not yet been to Bruges, Sam’s post is a must read and his pictures are a must see.

Porn on Board. And finally, the Cranky Flier blog has mentioned that Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary is at it again by suggesting that he’ll start offering a hotel-style pay per view system that includes porn on his aircraft because after all: “Hotels around the world have it, so why wouldn’t we?” Specifically and according to the Daily Mail, he wants to launch an app where passengers will be able to watch sex scenes, gamble or play games on their iPads or smartphones while in the air. Compared with O’Leary’s other ideas such as removing all but one toilet from aircraft and then charging passengers to use that toilet, this idea might just be a winner with passengers!

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