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Battle of Britain Pilot Visits His Old School. Meanwhile, the Harborough Mail has reported that Squadron Leader Tony Pickering visited his old school to recall some of his tales from Hurricane flying during the Battle of Britain. Pickering had taken part in the Battle of Britain, attacking German bombers as they conducted raids on London, and later flew in North Africa plus escorted bombers on raids over occupied Europe.

100th Anniversary of a Pioneering Bay Area Flight. The Around the Pattern Blog has recently mentioned an article about how a onetime race-car driver named Weldon Cooke who, one hundred years ago on December 19, 1911, piloted a flimsy looking homemade aircraft named “Black Diamond” to not only circle the summit of Mt. Tamalpais on a flight from Oakland to Marin but to also drop two letters on the University of California campus at Berkeley – one of the first deliveries of airmail. The article also talks about other Bay Area aviation pioneers, including Fred Wiseman who built the first aircraft in California and made the first airmail flight – only to quit aviation after deciding that airplanes had no future….

Amelia Earhart Flies Again. On another historic note, Amelia Rose Earhart, who works as a reporter at a Denver TV station and shares a common but albeit distant ancestor with Amelia Earhart, will now be re-tracing Earhart’s 1937 flight from Oakland to Miami. She recently gave an interview to AVweb‘s Mary Grady to discuss her flying plans.

Software Glitch Flunks Nearly All Indian Pilots. Finally and in an odd bit of news, the Hindustan Times has reported that a software glitch meant that less than 4% of the 4,000 candidates for the commercial pilots license (CPL) examination passed and all the 1,000-odd first officers testing for the Airline Transport Pilot License (ALTP), which is the license to operate flights as a commander, failed in all the subjects. Apparently, this was the first time written examinations were done online after pilots were arrested for allegedly using fraudulent means (e.g. paying off government officials) to acquire flying licenses.

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