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KFD 840 integrated Primary Flight Display (PFD). AeroTrader Insider has a brief post about the KFD 840 integrated Primary Flight Display (PFD) offered by Bendix/King by Honeywell. The KFD 840 has a large 8.4” diagonal high resolution LCD display with excellent sunlight readability and the unit is completely self sufficient as the Air Data module and MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) are embedded into it. According Bendix/King by Honeywell, the device can easily be installed into existing piston engine cockpits.

Alternative Energy Sources. On an interesting note, the Thirty Thousand Feet Blog has posted an article from Mark Sorne, the Marketing & Business Development Officer at Aerosup Inc., about alternative sources of energy for aircraft. Potential sources detailed by Mark include Hydrogen Fuel, Biofuel, Liquid Fuel Oil (GTL), Electric Power and Fuel Cells. Although the article appears a bit dated (from last year), its worth reading given that oil prices are now creeping back up and fuel costs will soon become an issue again.

KFD840 Display Weathering the Recession. Meanwhile, Thomas A. Horne of the AOPA Pilot Blog reports that he had a conversation with an American Aviation Weather Center Warning Coordination Meteorologist who helps to run the popular Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) website. Apparently after hits on the website dipped to 8 to 9 million a day during the first quarter, they are now back up to 10 or 11 million hits per day and the Meteorologist he spoke with thinks that it is due to more people flying. A sign that the aviation industry and private pilots in general have weathered the recession?

Growth in Cirrus Orders. If more hits on the ADDS website is not a sign the recession may be coming to an end, the AeroTrader Insider blog has reported that Cirrus is seeing strong demand for its entire product line and may soon be recalling furloughed employees. Apparently both domestic US and international retail and institutional demand is contributing to this strength while sales from the firm’s pre-owned aircraft sales division is starting to show signs of stabilization.

Sonex Aircraft. Meanwhile, Jetwhine has posted a profile of Sonex Aircraft, a maker of light-sport aircraft kits, which reported that although business is down, demand for their products is still there. Moreover, the current state of the dollar verses other currencies is giving them a fair amount of international business. Nevertheless, Sonex is a small and very efficient operation with just 8 employees, they rely heavily on outside venders and they operate on small profit margins.

Refraction Distraction. And finally, “Aviatrix” of Cockpit Conversation is back in the air flying again and has made an interesting post entitled Refraction Distraction. The sun sets very late in the Canadian latitudes where “Aviatrix” flies and the refraction of its rays through the cockpit windows can be a bit of an occupational hazard. The post is well written and makes for an interesting read.

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