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Ohio to Alaska – By Swift. Meanwhile, Air Facts Journal has a great trip report written by Marvin Homsley about his flight in his Swift (N61PK) from Toledo, Ohio all the way up to Homer, Alaska in August 2011. Marvin noted that when making a long trip like he did in a Swift, you will need to pack light with “one small bag for clothes and a slightly larger one for money” as its “very expensive in Canada and only a little better in Alaska….”

Face Full of Wheat. In other trip report news, Arty Trost of the Let’s Go Flying Blog has written a trip report about heading home from Oshkosh that ended with the following picture and a “to be continued” note:


We will make the assumption that he was not in any way hurt in this incident but it looks like he at least got a face full of wheat when it happened!

Rescuing a Mooney Trapped Above the Clouds. If ending upside down in a wheat field is not scary enough, AVweb has a podcast that includes the audio of what happened when a Mooney pilot got stuck above the clouds and began to run out of fuel. Luckily, controllers at the Seattle tracon helped the pilot to safely land.

“The Crazy Man of the Air.” For history buffs, General Aviation News has a lengthy article about Charles K. Hamilton, who became famous in 1910 for thrilling the crowds and for trying just about every kind of flying machine imaginable at the time – including kites, balloons, and dirigibles. Ironically and after 11 years of flying, Hamilton died at age 28 – of tuberculosis.

Snow From an R/C Plane. Finally, Geek Wire has an article about how 17 year old aviation buff Zach Sweetser attached a camera to an R/C plane to take pictures from the air when storms recently blanketed the Seattle region in snow. Zach apparently has a love for anything related to flying and is considering several aviation career options.

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