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First Flight Across the Irish Sea. Starting on a historical note, it was one hundred years ago on April 26, 1912 when Captain Vivian Hewitt made aviation history by being the first person to fly across the Irish Sea after two previous attempts by other pilots ended in failure. However, the sinking of the Titanic overshadowed his flight – just as it will overshadow the 100th anniversary of it.

English Channel Flight. In addition and on March 10, women pilots will fly across the English channel in honor of the day that Raymonde de Laroche became the first woman to earn a pilot’s license. However, it would make more sense to do a cross channel flight on April 12, the actual day that a woman named Harriet Quimby flew across it. Unfortunately, the sinking of the Titanic also overshadowed her achievement.

John Glenn’s First Manned Orbital Flight. On another anniversary note, February 20 marked the 50th anniversary of America’s first manned orbital flight in the Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7, flown by astronaut John Glenn. The Aero Experience blog has a lengthy post about the rise of McDonnell Aircraft that came with America’s first manned spacecraft.

Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. World War II buffs might be interested in knowing that General Aviation News has reported that tickets for an April 19 luncheon and banquet and April 20 luncheon with the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton (Ohio) during their upcoming reunion are already sold out. This year is the 70th anniversary of the Doolittle raid on Japan.

The Battle of Britain. World War II buffs might also be interested in knowing that Paul Bertorelli has pointed out on AVwebinsider that one of the great World War II flying movies of all time, The Battle of Britain, exists in segments on YouTube. The movie dates from the late 1960s and was filmed in Spain because they were still using some of the same types of aircraft involved in the battle.

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