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Spot Landing Contest: Win $10,000! The AOPA Pilot Blog has reported that Grand Forks International Airport will host a spot landing contest on Saturday, July 28 where each entrant gets just one shot to put an aircraft down closest to the target line to win $10,000. Entrants must be a sport pilot or higher and the competition will be cancelled if visibility is less than two miles and the ceiling is lower than 1,800 feet. For further details, visit the contest’s website.

Largest Gathering of B-25s Since WWII. World War II buffs take note: On Saturday, April 14, about two dozen B-25 Mitchell bombers will converge on Urbana, Ohio’s municipal airport (Grimes Field) for the largest gathering of B-25s since World War II. The gathering of B-25s will lead into the 70th Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Reunion at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force (NMUSAF), near Dayton. For more information, visit and

Cessna’s New Citation M2 Makes Maiden Flight. Last March 9, Cessna’s new Citation M2, a new light business jet intended to fill the gap between the Citation Mustang and the Citation CJ family, made its first flight to test its avionics system, autopilot, engine system, aircraft systems and instrument approaches. The $4.195 million Citation M2 has room for two crew and up to six passengers, has a maximum cruise speed of 400 knots true airspeed and a range of 1,300 nautical miles. Moreover, the aircraft can operate at airports with runways as short as 3,250 feet or 990 meters and will climb to 41,000 feet or 12,500 meters in 24 minutes.

Epic Aircraft Sold to a Russian Firm. Also in March,  Epic Aircraft based in Bend, Oregon, the manufacturer of fast turboprop kit aircraft called the LT, was sold to a Russian company called Engineering LLC, billed as "Russia’s premier maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider." AVweb also has extensive coverage of Epic Aircraft, which has an interesting history as it was in bankruptcy and about to be sold to a Chinese firm not that long ago.

Summer Aviation Programs for Teens. If you have a teenager interested in flying, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will be holding summer camps focusing on aviation and aerospace topics at its Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses. The Summer Programs will run from June 3 to August 9, with individual camps ranging in length from five days to 49 days. For more information, visit the the websites of the Daytona Beach campus and Prescott campus.

Cloud Computing App for Cessna Owners. Cessna has introduced a custom-designed interactive online portal called Cessna Connect as a way for Cessna owners to streamline their record keeping, track flights, log expenses and tax reports and connect with other owners and enthusiasts. The subscription-based service will work with a computer as well as an iPad or iPhone. For more information, visit

New Tracking Software for General Aviation Pilots. Meanwhile, Flight & Aircraft Services Tracking has released a new software package that is designed to provide single-engine and owner-operated aircraft with the same capabilities available to larger commercial operators. Specifically, FAST-FLIGHT monitors key pilot and aircraft data, parts inventories, flight information and regulatory and service bulletins. Cost include a one-time registration fee of $100 plus a monthly subscription of $19.99. For more information, visit

New NFlightcam Cockpit Video Cameras. Finally, Sporty’s has introduced two new models of NFlightcam Cockpit Video cameras that are being billed as ideal for CFIs, students and owners. Both models include a simple one-button operation to record a full 1080p HD video, a custom aviation headset interface to record all audio and a lens that can be rotated to mount the camera at any angle. The NFlightcam Sport [8085A] is available for $299 and the NFlightcam Plus [9340A] is available for $499.

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