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Air Racers 3D Being Released This Weekend. Air Racers 3D is being released at selected US IMAX theaters this weekend ahead of a launch at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Lockheed IMAX Theatre in Washington, DC and the US Air Force Museum (Dayton, Ohio) on May 25. Air Racers 3D, which took three years to make and required a $5 million budget, will then roll out in both 2D and 3D at US and international IMAX theatres plus in digital 3D cinemas over the coming 24 months. There is a Google Map featuring the IMAX theatre locations opening Air Racers 3D available here and for further information, visit

The Restorers: They Were All Volunteers. World War II buffs might also be interested in a documentary entitled “The Restorers: They Were All Volunteers,” which follows the journey of a Minnesota B-25 named Miss Mitchell as she travels to Dayton (Ohio) to attend the largest B-25 gathering since World War II for the anniversary of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders air raid on Tokyo. Apparently though, the documentary will only appear in theaters in select cities of the American Midwest. For further information, visit

Warbird Doctor. However and if you own an old warbird, it might be helpful to know that Trudeau Warbird Enterprises is one of the busiest warbird restoration facilities in the US and also has customers from all over the world. For further information, visit

Cessna’s 620. On an interesting historical note, there is a lengthy article in Air Facts Journal about the Cessna 620 by someone who had worked on its design team. If you have never heard of the Cessna 620, that’s because only a prototype was built in the 1950s and it was intended to be a four-engined executive business aircraft but the program was abruptly cancelled just on the verge of certification and start of production. Had the Cessna 620 been built, it would have been unique as nothing like it had previously been created plus the aircraft was intended to be a small version of the modern airliner – capable of carrying half a dozen or so executives in luxury accommodations above the weather and in pressurized, air conditioned comfort.

Transporting Mountain Lions and Leopards. General Aviation News had an interesting story from last February, a LightHawk volunteer pilot from California took two very special guests aboard her Pilatus PC-12: Two orphaned, injured mountain lion cubs who needed to be transported to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale (Arizona). In addition, General Aviation News has run another story about how an upgraded Cessna 208B Grand Caravan had completed another unusual first mission: Move a male and female leopard on a 600-mile flight from the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa’s Kruger National Park to the Majete Wildlife Preserve in Malawi. For more information about the organization involved in the first mission, visit but if you are interested in upgrading the performance of your aircraft (to perhaps transport leopards and the like!), visit

Flying With Your Motorcycle. Flying buffs who are also into motorcycles should note that MotoPOD has developed a motorcycle loading system for the Piper PA-32/34 series of aircraft. Specifically, the aircraft is intended to haul the MotoCYCLE, a custom aviation motorcycle with folding handlebars, no-spill plumbing and other features with complete packages costing less than $15,000. Why come up with a way for General Aviation to transport motorcycles? The simple answer is that most of the US’s 5,400 small airports don’t have any type of ground transportation services – a really big problem for general aviation when you think about it. For more information, visit

Awesome High-def Kodachrome Photos from 1942. Finally, Pavel Kosenko has posted some really cool high definition photos of workers at aircraft manufacturing plants taken during World War II plus much more on his blog. As you can see from the photo example below, the pictures are truly wonderful and its amazing to think that they all date from the 1940s!


October 1942. Engine installers at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California. 4×5 Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer.

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