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Most Common Student Pilot Errors. Jason Schappert of the blog has posted an entry listing the five most common student pilot errors that he sees and what to do to avoid them. The errors he lists includes the failure to use the checklist, clearing turns, turning crosswind, runway signs and markings and VFR cloud clearance requirements and Jason invites readers to post comments listing additional errors.

Night Flying. And speaking of learning how to fly, student pilot Evan Krueger has posted a short entry recounting his first night flight that he recently completed. Evan’s advice for night flying was to say that the “biggest thing to remember when flying at night is to simply be alert” and he points out that “you have a lot less reaction time at night because of the restricted visibility.” Well stated.

Hard to Spot VFR Point or Airport Poll. On a different note, Vincent of is inviting readers to take a poll to determine the hardest to spot VFR point or airport. He lists his favorite hard to spot VFR point as Bern (LSZB) point W while his hardest to spot airport is Ecuvillens (LSZE), also located in Switzerland. Hence, we encourage all readers to take a minute to complete the poll and post a comment on his website listing what you think is the hardest to spot VFR or Airport.

Terrafugia Flying Car Logbook Pro vs Logbook Pro. Meanwhile, Todd Macrock of has posted an entry where he mentions that although he has been using Logbook Pro software for a number of years and is satisfied with it, he has found a new service called Jetrecord that adds a “social dimension” to keeping track of your flight time. Much like a social networking or online photo site, Jetrecord allows your friends and family to also keep track of your flying. Hence, the website and service is well worth checking out.

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields. On a random but nevertheless interesting note, “Max Flight” of the Thirty Thousand Feet blog has stumbled upon a website called Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields which contains descriptions and images of 1,428 airfields in all 50 US states. Aside from being interesting from a historical perspective, the site is actually very useful for pilots to note in the event that they have to make an emergency landing… 

Terrafugia ‘Flying Car’ Completes Initial Flight Testing. Meanwhile, Flightglobal is reporting that Terrafugia has completed the initial flight testing for its Terrafugia “flying car” proof-of-concept vehicle. This is the first stage of a four stage development process with 2011 slated as the target date for the first deliveries.  

Failing the Biennial IFR Flight Test. And finally, David Megginson of the Land and Hold Short blog has gotten back the results of his biennial IFR flight test and it turns out that he failed it due to altitude deviations. In Canada, pilots need to redo the complete IFR flight test every two years in order to maintain their ratings and now David must retake the full flight test again before he can set out on any long flights. So he has already booked a two-hour lesson for this coming Tuesday with an IFR instructor to help get his altitude control back up to test standards. No doubt the failure has been a humbling experience for David but nevertheless he concedes that failure is good and he is looking at the positive side of this in that he will have the chance to brush up on some of his flying skills that may have lapsed. We wish David luck and hope his is back in the pilot seat for IFR flights soon.

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  1. Evan Krueger June 15, 2009 at 04:27 #

    Mr. Stibble,

    Thank you for the publicity. I really appreciate it! This is quite the site you have here. I will definitely have a link to your fine online magazine from my blog. Thanks again and happy flying.

    -Evan Krueger

  2. imran khan June 30, 2010 at 07:32 #

    i'm very happy to see this flying car .you are genius.i love king of day i will make airplane .can i flying this ?


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    […] is happy to report on Land and Hold Short that he has passed IFR renewal flight test that he failed back in June. Hence, he now back in the sky without having the inconvenience of not having IFR. He also writes […]

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