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Piper Aircraft Corporation Celebrates a 75th Anniversary. Richard Collins has written a detailed article for Air Facts about the Piper Aircraft Corporation, which was formed in 1937 by W. T.  Piper, Sr., and is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Richard is well positioned to write an article about Piper because his father had dealings with the company when it was still in its infancy.

Using an Electric Aircraft to Recreate Lindbergh’s Flight. On another historical note, electric vehicle pioneer Chip Yates is making plans to recreate Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 trans-Atlantic flight using an all-electric aircraft. Yates is hoping that his aircraft will fly non-stop to Paris at least as fast as Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis. Moreover and for the added challenge along with authenticity, he’ll fly low to avoid getting any help from the jet stream.


Biofuels Get Axed. On a green aviation note, Paul Bertorelli has written a detailed update about biofuels in the USA. Apparently, a Republican-led group in the House Armed Services Committee voted to kill a Department of Defense plan to run its aircraft on a blend of half biofuel and half conventional Jet A by 2017 by slipping language into the defense department’s appropriation that would prohibit the armed services from spending more for fuel than they do for traditional fossil fuels. Launches. On another fuel note, General Aviation News has mentioned the launch of, an online resource center intended for aviation fuel handlers that was built with a range of information, technical data, specifications, training tools and links to additional industry guidance. For more information, visit and

Apps Provide Weather Related Tips. Sporty’s has recently released a four-part weather flying series for iPad and iPhone that features general aviation weather expert Richard Collins. Specifically, Richard Collins’ Advanced Weather Flying apps are available for each of the four seasons and they break down the challenges and opportunities that pilots face when flying in different seasonal weather conditions. Each App is $4.99 and may be ordered at

Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit. Sporty’s has also introduced its Fly Away Cleaning Kit which contains all of the basics needed to keep an aircraft looking new. Sporty’s Fly Away Cleaning Kit [B2098A] is available for $49.95 and the Cleaning Kit Bag [7655A] is available for $15.95. Gallon size containers of these products along with a box of 100 Dupont Aerospace Wipes [7726A] is available for $17.95. For more information, visit

AOPA Live’s New Weekly News Show. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has just unveiled the AOPA Live This Week news broadcast. The new television-style webcast is hosted by AOPA Pilot Editor-In-Chief Tom Haines who will be taking a closer look at the week in general aviation. The show is available online and will be posted every Thursday morning.

GA Pilots Help Whooping Cranes. Finally, General Aviation News has a detailed article about how crane biologists and general aviation pilots are banding together to use small aircraft flights to see if they can assist cranes and grow their population. Specifically, a group called LightHawk provides donated flights in private aircraft to assist with a variety of conservation efforts and not just ones that involve whopping cranes. In fact, LightHawk flies about 1,000 missions each year for over 250 conservation partners in North America and Central America.

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