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The Reno Air Races Are Set to Continue. EAA has reported that the Reno Air Racing Association has secured a $100 million insurance policy – paving the way for the air races to be held on Sept. 12-16 at Stead Airport. The Reno Tahoe Airport Authority required the insurance as a condition for a permit approval in the wake of last year’s accident that took the lives of 11 people and injured 70 others.

Pipistrel Finalizes a New LSA Trainer. In LSA news, Pipistrel, which has production facilities in Slovenia and Italy, has just introduced that Alpha Trainer – a reasonably priced LSA model targeted at the flight instruction market. Alpha is supplied in nosewheel-only configuration with less than 1,320 gross weight and a full fuel payload of 507 pounds giving it an endurance of roughly 5 hours. The Alpha Trainer lists for €69,000 or just under $90,000.

Transatlantic on Battery Power. On a green aviation note, AVWeb has a podcast interview with the CEO of a new company called Flight of the Century which intends to fly an electric aircraft from New York to Paris non-stop by 2014. The aircraft will need to be recharged en route by docking with drones.


Patent for the GRS Whole-Plane Rescue Systems. On a safety technology note, the rocket-assisted GRS airframe rescue systems manufactured by Galaxy High Technology of the Czech Republic has been granted a US patent for a deployment system incorporated in GRS parachute devices. Apparently, the GRS system for light sport aircraft will open in less than 5 seconds at maximum speed or at stall speed. This means it can be deployed as low as 270 feet AGL. For more information, visit or

First Flight of Experimentals Prone to Accidents. Meanwhile, General Aviation News has reported that a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) study found that in 2011, 10 out of the 102 crashes of experimental amateur-built aircraft built by their owners occurred on their first flights. Moreover, the report found that 14 out of 125 aircraft that had been bought used and were then involved in accidents had actually crashed on the new owner’s first flight. An executive summary of the study is  available here while the complete study will eventually be available on

“The Restorers – They Were All Volunteers.” Aviation buffs should note that the documentary “The Restorers – They Were All Volunteers” has been nominated for three Emmy awards. The pilot episode is based on the Commemorative Air Force, Minnesota Wing, their members and their journey to the 68th Doolittle Raiders Reunion in 2010 in Dayton, Ohio. For further information, click here.

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