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Flying to South America in a Piper Arrow. Lawrence Zingesser has written a trip report for Air Facts about a trip he took in a 180 hp Piper Arrow from New York to Uruguay – back in 1974 and during the Arab oil embargo. Hence, he had to replace the rear seat with a large auxiliary gas tank and make special refueling arrangements along the way. The total trip took around  8 days down and 7 days back and there was no mention of how much he paid for fuel.

C150 Owner Saves $800 A Year with Autogas. Speaking about the high cost of fuel, Mark “Prigs” Priglmeier, an officer of EAA Chapter 551 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, recently contacted General Aviation News to say that he has  saved about $800 a year by using autogas – enough to  eventually pay for his next engine rebuild. However, Mark does not recommend autogas for pilots who only get their aircraft out a couple of times a year (and pilots based in Europe probably won’t save much by using the stuff).

The Express Flyer Flight Bag. The Tag Pilot blog has mentioned the Express Flyer Flight bag that is manufactured by Noral Enterprises and made in the United States (of all places!). The flight bag has room for everything a pilot needs, including their kneeboard, logbook, flight computer, terminal procedures, guides, manuals and sectionals. The Express Flyer Flight bag is available for $42.50 here.

Analysis of the Business Jet Industry. Over in the US, a US International Trade Commission report has been published about the business jet industry and according to a short mention about the report on AVWeb, it was noted that the business jet industry is “a tough, competitive, complicated enterprise and the industry is enduring hard times. ” Moreover, the report itself noted: “Competition is strong, frequent cutting-edge updates are necessary, and demand is cyclical.” In other words, the report probably contains few surprises for those already in the industry.

House General Aviation Caucus Grows. In the US, the House of Representatives General Aviation (GA) Caucus has grown to 184 members according to General Aviation New. That makes it one of the largest caucuses in the House of Representatives and shows how important general aviation is in the USA.

Exempting History. On a regulatory note, AVWeb recently posted a podcast interview with Collings Foundation director of marketing Hunter Chaney about an FAA exemption for historic aircraft that is currently under review. According to Collings, that exemption is depended on in order to bring historic aircraft to the general public.

What’s the Worst FAA Regulation? Finally and on another regulatory note, John Zimmerman has recently asked pilots in Air Facts what they think is the worst FAA regulation. He also noted how the most common complaints from pilots is the lack of common sense that is often applied when it comes to Federal Aviation Regulations. John’s question has not received many responses in the comments section yet. However, we would like to ask our readers the following: What is the worst flying regulation in the UK/Europe?

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