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Antivirus Software Pioneer John McAfee’s Flying Haven Auctioned Off. An article on had reported that on June 25th, the Sky Gypsy Café, a sport flying haven created by anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee at Amigos Del Cielo, an airpark in Rodeo (New Mexico), was to be auctioned off. McAfee’s property included the Sky Gypsy Café, the Galaxy Theater, a small RV park, a four-bedroom home, four airplane hangars and greenhouse with bidding starting at $100,000. However, I do not see any follow-up story about whether the property was actually sold or not.

Transatlantic in a Mooney 231. If you have ever thought about doing a transatlantic flight in a GA aircraft, Air Facts has a lengthy article by Lawrence Zingesser who did just that in a Mooney 231 back in 1982. Lawrence went into some detail over the route with the choices being: 1) Goose Bay to Reykjavik (1328 nm), to Prestwick, Scotland (760 nm), 2) Gander to Shannon (1693 nm) and 3) Gander to the Azores (1496 nm) to Lisbon (788 nm). Ultimately, he chose the Goose Bay to Reykjavik route.

1939 Junkers JU 52 to Visit AirVenture July 23 to 29. World War II aviation buffs in the US take note, a 1939 Junkers JU 52 is on tour in North America and will stay in the main square at EAA AirVenture from July 23 to 29. The flight is being sponsored by Rimowa, a German suitcase company whose suitcases are designed to mimic the corrugated aluminum of the Junkers plus their CEO also happens to be a pilot and is on board the aircraft. The flight is the first Atlantic crossing of this type of aircraft since 1937 and you can track the progress of the tour here.

Learning the Secrets of the Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe. And speaking of World War II, Air Facts has a lengthy and fascinating story about the allied airmen trying to learn the secrets behind captured Me 262s – the world’s first operational jet powered fighter aircraft. Ultimately, one was patched up and flown by an allied test pilot.

Cessna 120-140 Association Schedules Convention. Meanwhile, the 37th Annual Convention of the International Cessna 120-140 Association will be held at Ryan Field in Tucson (Arizona), from October 17 through October 21. For more information, visit

Descendants of the First Families of Aviation Gather. Recently, descendants of America’s “first families of aviation” gathered at the Newseum in Washington, DC to celebrate the achievements of their fathers and grandfathers. Family members attending the reunion included Amanda Wright Lane (great grand niece of Wilbur and Orville Wright), Gretchen Boeing-Davidson (granddaughter of William Boeing), James Kindelberger Graham (grandson of James Howard “Dutch” Kindelberger, chairman and CEO of North American Aviation), John McDonnell (son of James Smith McDonnell, founder of McDonnell Aircraft) and James and Malcolm Douglas (sons of Donald Wills Douglas, founder of Douglas Aircraft).

New UK Environmental Code of Practice for Aircraft Ground and Departure Operations. On a regulatory note, a collaboration involving the UK aviation industry with support from the UK Department for Transport (DfT) has resulted in the launch of a new code of practice to reduce the environmental impact from ground operations and departing aircraft at UK airports. The code addresses aircraft operations at the terminal and on the taxiways plus air traffic operations on departure.

Interactive General Aviation Accident Maps. Finally, General Aviation News has noted Air Safety Institute’s interactive year-by-year accident maps showing where pilots in North America have had takeoff, landing, fuel management, VFR-into-IMC and stall/spin accidents. If you are a pilot in North America, you might want to check out the maps here.


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