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EAA AirVenture 2012 at Oshkosh. While much of the world was tuned into the preparations for the Olympics, one of the world’s biggest aviation events was quietly held at Oshkosh. Dan Johnson had written an article for General Aviation News along with Paul Bertorelli who wrote a post for AVweb about what to expect had you attended (Paul also has a good wrap-up post which you can read here) while Scott Spangler has a good post about his first impressions of the event.  For video coverage, check out these videos courtesy of Opening Day, Day 1, Piaggio Aero P-180 Avanti II and First Day Flight Demonstrations. However, one of the best videos is this one taken of the airshow acts from a “mind-blowing perspective:”

Flying in the Alaska Range. The Alaska Dispatch has a great slideshow collection of photos of flying in the Alaska Range. After watching the slideshow, you will appreciate why Alaska is home to more pilots per capita than any other state in the US.

Antique Office Hardware. The Southwest Blog has a great collection of photos from their offices or operations facilities taken in the 1970s showing the types of hardware (computers, copiers etc.) that a 1970s airline office would have contained.

Webcast About Thunderstorms. On a safety note, the Air Safety Institute has a new online webcast entitled “Preempting a Thunderstorm’s Fury: Cockpit Weather, ATC, and You.” In the webcast, the AOPA Foundation President along with expert panelists discuss practical weather strategies beyond the basics.

Thought About Scattering Remains From an Aircraft? On a random note, if you have ever thought of scattering cremated remains from an airplane, it’s actually not as easy as it sounds. Hence, AVweb has a podcast interview of Marc Arnold from Ascension Scattering, who will scatter ashes from a glider.

Flying With Guns and Ammo. On another random note, has an interesting post entitled: A General Aviation Guide to Flying with Guns and Ammo. The post along with an accompanied video gives a good overview of the legal and safety aspects of flying with weapons. In other words, its not geared for a UK or European audience.

Where Do Old Airplanes Go? Conde Nast Daily Traveler
has a fun article on what happens to old airplanes when they are no longer needed. In short, they end up parked in the desert southwest of the USA.

Flying Magazine’s Top 100 Airplanes. Finally, Flying Magazine has put together a slideshow containing what its authors consider to be the “100 best, most significant and most compelling aircraft designs of all time.” Each photo is accompanied by a short description as to why the aircraft is significant enough to be included in a top 100 list.

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