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Awesome Norway Photos. The Fear of Landing blog has some stunning pictures of Norway’s spectacular scenery taken when Christian Semcesen and the other members of his flying club in Oslo flew 500 nautical miles from Kjeller Airport (ENKJ) to Bodø (ENBO) for an airshow. Looking at the photos will make you want to plan your next flying adventure to take you to Norway!

Microsoft Shuts Down Work on MS Flight. Armchair flyers will be sad to note that BruceAir blogger Bruce Williams has reported that Microsoft “has stopped all work on Microsoft Flight.” However, Microsoft has issued a clarifying statement that its:

“…committed to keeping Flight available for our community to enjoy. All the content you have paid for is still valid, and the content that is available for sale will continue to be available on”

ElectraFlyer Ultralight. On a green aviation note, AVweb has a podcast interview with Randall Fishman about his latest aircraft design – an electric-powered ultralight motorglider. The interview took place at Oshkosh.

Cross Country Flight on Biofuel for Education. On another green aviation note, Ross McCurdy, a high school science teacher in Rhode Island who is also a private pilot, is planning to fly a biofuel-powered Cessna 182 from the east coast to the west coast to help teach children about science. AVweb’s has a podcast interview with McCurdy about his plans and the technology (there is also a website called plus it should be noted that AVweb Editorial Director Paul Bertorelli flew the same diesel 182 back in 2010. He also gave a video pilot report.

Sturdier Charts for Pilots. Meanwhile, General Aviation News recently had a lengthy article about DuraCharts, which are sturdier, brighter and more vibrant than FAA paper charts. That’s because the DuraChart has a fine coat of laminate that makes them more resistant to tearing and eraser damage plus they are moisture resistant – meaning you can spill water, coffee, soda or whatever on it and literally shake it off.

A Chance to Win Cash or Flight Gear. Student pilots in the USA should also take note that headset manufacturer Sennheiser is giving away $1,500 each month along with flight training gear to applicants working toward a pilot certificate. To enter the contest, applicants must also be associated with a school that’s registered (for free) with Sennheiser and then write a short appeal as to why you want to become a pilot. To find out more, visit or listen to the following podcast on AVweb.

iPhone Sized Gadget for Downed Fighter Crews. On an interesting note, CNN has an extensive article about an iPhone-sized gadget that can “pilot” downed jet fighter crews to safety because all the information a pilot would typically have in a cockpit would follow them when they are on the ground (and trapped behind enemy lines). In other words and instead of hunkering down to wait for a rescue while playing hide and seek with the enemy, downed pilots will know how to get to safety on their own.

BrightLine Bags “Flex System.” Finally, BrightLine Bags “Flex System” is a modular flight bag that will allow any number of finished bag sizes depending on your exact needs. There is even a 13+ minute video hosted by the company President to help you get an idea of what the product is capable of with preconfigured bags priced from $107 to $265 while a buyer can also opt to build their own using various components to suite specific needs. As you can see from the picture, the BrightLine Bags “Flex System” is one unique pilot accessory!

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