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Lisa Airplanes Goes Into Voluntary Receivership. France based Lisa Airplanes, which is developing the amphibious Akoya, has voluntarily asked to be placed in receivership in order “to protect its future.” The Akoya is a two-seater amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft that will be able to land on ground, water or snow. For further information, visit

President Obama Signs Pilot’s Bill of Rights. Over in the States, President Obama has signed the Pilot’s Bill of Rights into law. The new law is intended to change the way pilots interact with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by overhauling the burdensome “NOTAM” process which requires pilots to comb through an “overwhelming” number of notices before a flight, ensure pilots are notified of any FAA investigation against them, give them full access to any evidence and data relevant to the FAA’s investigation and review the medical certification process in order to allow consistent treatment of applicants.

Don’t Talk or Text While Flying! Over in Canada, texting and talking on a cellphone while flying was cited as a possible contributory factor in the fatal crash of an aerial survey aircraft last November. Investigators had matched cellphone records against GPS data in order to plot the pilot’s phone use against his flying performance – finding that he flew much less precisely when on the phone. Ultimately though, the pilot may have been a victim of the “black hole effect” while on a night VFR flight in a remote area but talking and texting on a cell phone certainly did not help matters.

Pilot Took a Detour From the 1948 Olympics. Meanwhile, the AOPA has an unusual story about 89 year old pilot Mitchell Flint who finally got to attend a London Olympics. He was supposed to attend the 1948 London Olympics but instead he took a year long detour to fight for Israel’s independence. In order to fool his mother (who would not have approved of that detour), he had convinced relatives in England to mail pre-written postcards home at regular intervals.

CAA Prepared to Give Medical Certificates to Diabetic Pilots and Controllers. On another health note, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is prepared to consider medical certificates for pilots and air traffic controllers with diabetes treated with insulin along with other medications. Guidance information is set to follow.

Aviation: The Alaska Lifeline. On an interesting note, the Alaska Dispatch has mentioned a two-part video series produced by the Alaska Division of Statewide Aviation and filmed in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta that shows just how important aviation is in the “Last Frontier:”

Musk Oxen Mean Trouble for Alaska Pilots. Finally and speaking of Alaska, pilots in Nome are becoming concerned about colliding with Musk Oxen that have a habit of roaming around town and on runways. The good news is that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) database that keeps track of animal strikes since 1990 lists the large majority of wildlife hit by aircraft every year as being birds with no Musk Oxen incidents having occurred – yet. However, there have been incidents involving everything from green iguanas to skunks while up in Alaska there have been five collisions with moose, two with caribou and five with black-tailed deer….


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