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London Olympics Air Restrictions Lifted. All airspace restrictions put in place for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games ended at midnight on Wednesday 12 September. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has also praised the general aviation community for coping “successfully” with those restrictions.

Model Aircraft Show in Paddock Wood Cancelled Due to Insurance Issues. The Southern Model Air Show (SMAS) organised by The Croydon Airport Model Flying Club was scheduled to be held this weekend at the Hop Farm in Paddock Wood, Kent. However and because the Circo Loco music festival was suddenly booked for the Saturday in a nearby field, the club could no longer get insurance as its model planes could have ended up flying over 5,000 revelers. No word on when the model aircraft show will be rescheduled.

Chasing Reno Gold. The Winged Victory Women in Aviation ezine has mentioned that Air Racing Fans might want to check out Chasing Reno Gold – a four-hour feature where director Mark Chiolis interviews every living Unlimited Gold winner of the National Championship Air Races that will be concluding this weekend.

First Wing for Airbus A350 XWB Arrives In Toulouse. The Bangalore Aviation blog has posted several pictures of the first wing for the Airbus A350 XWB at the European airframer’s final assembly line in Toulouse, France. The wings, which are about 32 metres long and six metres wide, are the biggest single civil aviation part made from carbon-fibre composite material. However, the wing in the pictures (which like all Airbus wings, was manufactured in Broughton) will be used for ground static structural tests that all new aircraft must undergo as part of their certification process.

Converting China’s Used Cooking Oil to Jet Fuel. On a green aviation note, has reported that Boeing and Airbus have each announced research projects using China’s vast amounts used cooking oil reserves as a potential source of sustainable aviation biofuel. China annually consumes around 29 million tons of cooking oil and its aviation system uses 20 million tons of jet fuel. Hence, converting discarded used cooking oil (UCO) or so-called “gutter oil” could enhance regional biofuel supplies and improve affordability.

American Airlines Pilots Replace 35 Pounds of Paper With iPads. Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News’s Airline Biz Blog has noted that American Airlines has gained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for its request to let pilots use iPads as “electronic flight bags” – keeping aviation regulations, manuals and other paperwork on them. American Airlines expects to have FAA approval for iPad use on all its fleet types by the end of this year.

Brake Test Sends WWII Aircraft Into a Ditch. Finally and on an odd note, its been reported that a 1943 Beech 18/C-45 ended up in a ditch in Virginia after its owner was performing a brake test and the brakes failed – sending the aircraft across a road with its nose coming to rest in a ditch (there were no injuries). When emergency crews arrived, they already found a tractor on the scene dealing with the mishap…


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