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Remembering a Skydiving Tragedy. September 11th marked the 30th anniversary of a Chinook helicopter crash that killed 46 people, including nine members of Swansea Skydiving Club, who were on their way to a jump to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the city of Mannheim. The Wales Air Forum remembered the tragedy by talking to skydiver John Boxall, who was supposed to be aboard the Chinook with his friends but was saved when his boss called him to work that day.

National Museum of Flight at East Fortune. On a lighter note, Rodney of Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings recently visited the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune and has written five posts with plenty of pictures from his visit. You can see post #5 here with links on the sidebar to his previous posts about the museum.

Marking the Battle of Britain. Over in Canada, CTV Edmonton noted that the 72nd anniversary of the Battle of Britain was marked by a military parade at the Alberta Aviation Museum plus a similar ceremony was held in Ottawa. It was also mentioned that more than 100 Canadian pilots flew and 23 died in the Battle of Britain.

Brooklands Museum to Host an Aviation Day. Next Saturday, Brooklands Museum will host its annual aviation day which will feature a vintage aircraft flying display, education and careers advice plus hot air balloon flights. The only publicly-accessible Concorde in the south of England will also be open for the half-hour Concorde Experience. For further information, visit the events page on

File:RAF Rescue Helicopter.jpgThe Sea King: Britain’s Flying Past. Aviation documentary fans should note that BBC2 has commissioned UK indie Archie Productions to produce a documentary on The Sea King helicopter as a follow-up to the company’s previous Britain’s Flying Past entry on British Spitfire fighter. The new documentary will tell the history of The Sea King, an aircraft that has been in service since 1969 and was piloted by both Prince Andrew and Prince William to save British lives. No word on when the documentary will be completed.

Cessna’s Citation Performance Calculator (CPCalc). If you own or fly a Citation, General Aviation News has mentioned that Cessna’s Citation Performance Calculator (CPCalc) is now available from the Apple App Store for all current production Citation business jets along with many out-of-production Citations and some Cessna 208 Caravans.

Portable Oxygen System Now Available. In addition, General Aviation News has also mentioned that Mountain High Equipment & Supply’s newest technology is the two-person portable MH EDS O2D2 Pulse-Demand FADOC (Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control) Oxygen Delivery System designed for Beech, Mooney and Piper aircraft. The system enables the pilot and passenger/crew to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 feet or 7,600 meters. For more information, visit

Last Journey of the Endeavour. Finally, last week was the final journey of the space shuttle Endeavour and the Fear of Landing blog has put together a collection of the best pictures of its final journey bolted onto the roof of a Boeing 747 . After completing 25 missions, spending 299 days in orbit and orbiting the Earth 4,671 times while travelling 122,883,151 statute miles, the Endeavor will come to rest in Los Angeles to be put on display at the California Science Center. 

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