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Fake Pilot Travels the Continent For Free. has reported that an unemployed 32 year old Italian wearing a homemade captain’s uniform and using fake ID has been going around Europe pretending he is a Captain. Apparently, he sat as the third pilot on an Air Dolomiti plane from Munich to Turin in April without touching the controls. The incident parallels the movie Catch Me If You Can where Leonardo DiCaprio played a conman posing as a pilot.

RAF Museum at Hendon. After writing several picture filled posts about his visit to the National Museum of Scotland’s National Museum of Flight, Rodney of Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings has posted a picture filled series about his visit to the RAF Museum at Hendon.

AgustaWestland Poised to Fly Higher. Aerospace firm AgustaWestland, the British defence division of Italian parent company Finnmeccanica, is said to be poised to win tens of millions of pounds of Government money to transform itself into one of the world’s foremost helicopter makers. The investment will not only sustain the existing 3,500 workforce in Yeovil, Somerset, but potentially create over time another 1,500 jobs in the supply chain.

UK Pilots Pass World’s First Autogyro Flight Test Course. According to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), six UK pilots are the latest graduates of a unique course run jointly by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) that is aimed at providing pilots with the skills required to flight test light aircraft. The course is believed to be the first course to teach autogyro testing ever developed and its expected to run twice a year, with the 2013 courses being planned for June and September.

UAVs in Afghanistan. The Telegraph has a lengthy article about how the unmanned aircraft patrolling the skies above Afghanistan are controlled by pilots sitting in front of screens as far as 7,000 miles away while the vast majority of the 38,500 hours of operations flown by the RAF Reapers have been in intelligence-gathering rather than in attacking targets.

Other Aviation Uses for the iPad. The Wall Street Journal has briefly mentioned a more lengthy article in the Press-Republican about how New Yorkers Ted Wright and Raymond Fosdick survived their airplane’s crash landing in the Gulf of Mexico last month and then used an iPad to video their time in the water while awaiting rescue. They were eventually rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Flight Recorder App. Todd McClamroch has also posted a review on My Flight Blog about his recent cross country flight where he tested out the CloudAhoy app (a free app for the iPhone and iPad) to track and store flight data like the flight route, altitude and speed for the entire flight. The video below is the Cockpit view from the CloudAhoy App merged with LiveATC data of a takeoff in a Piper Dakota at Chicago Executive Airport:


FlightLink: Lightspeed’s Cockpit Voice Recorder App. Max Trescott has also posted a review of FlightLink, an iPhone/iPad app for the Lightspeed Zulu.2 ANR headset. FlightLink is free from iTunes but after you start the app, you will need to register your headset serial number.

Awesome Warbird Picture. Finally, photographer David Woeller has posted this awesome photo he took of a P-51 on his blog. To really appreciate the photo among others like it, just visit David’s website.


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