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Thieves Siphon Aircraft Gas in the USA. In the early morning of September 2, someone got past the locked gate at Springerville Airport in Arizona and siphoned gas from at least four planes with one catching on fire for unknown reasons.  Of course, Americans are less accustomed to high gas prices than those of us in the UK or Europe but certainly this incident has to be a first!

Simple Flight Radio. Todd McClamroch has recently written that he had been a featured guest on Simple Flight Radio, a weekly two hour online radio show focused on general aviation that is hosted by Al Waterloo and Marc Epner who seek to find “amazing people doing amazing things in aviation and share their stories.” You can listen to Simple Flight Radio live at 8pm CT time and to participate in the conversations via phone, twitter (#SimpleFlight) and e-mail (However, do note that 8pm CT time is around 2am UK time…)

Nose and Tail Art. If you are looking for clever ways to personalize your aircraft, Carmelo Turdo has posted two photo essays, one about nose art and another about tail art, on The Aero Experience blog. Carmelo noted that both tail and nose art can be found on aircraft all over the Midwest and his photo essays are a collection of the photos he has taken through the years.

Photo Tour of the Mooney Factory. Mooney fans take notice: Sylvia, the blogger behind the Fear of Landing blog, has noted that someone named Andrew Stagg was invited to tour the Mooney Factory but more importantly, he has shared his photographs on Flickr at “Mooney Factory Tour (MAPA 2012).”

10 Ass-Kicking Warplanes You’ve Never Heard Of. In addition, has profiled what it described as 10 “Ass-Kicking Warplanes” that you may not be so familiar with. The article also includes plenty of great pictures.

Transporting NASA Space Shuttles. Meanwhile, AVweb has a podcast interview with NASA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) pilot Bill Brockett about his experience transporting Space Shuttles atop NASA’s modified Boeing 747. Apparently, a Space Shuttle can weigh anywhere from 165,000 pounds to 230,000 when its transported and if an SCA loses an engine, the situation will become critical rather quickly – which has happened once.

Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Flyover Southern California. Finally, the MRC Aviation blog has posted this great video of the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its final flight over the hazy skies of Southern California. The video ends with a final touchdown at LAX.

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