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Paying Tribute to the Harrier “Jump Jet.” With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, the Aviationist has a lengthy post  about the Harrier jump jet and its usage during the Falklands War. The Aviationist even points out that if it were not for the 20 Harriers that initially took part in the campaign, Margaret Thatcher would have probably lost the war.

1932 Landings on Mt. McKinley. The Alaska Dispatch’s has an interesting article about how a 1932 expedition resulted in six successful landings on the state’s Mount McKinley, helping to advance the use of aviation for exploration and mountaineering purposes.

Flight-Seeing in Iceland. If you are thinking of visiting Iceland to do some flying, Eric Gideon’s has written a must read post to answer some of your flying questions. Eric noted that it costs more to fly in Iceland than in the US, but much less than Europe – meaning British general aviation pilots might want to consider a visit.

A TV Channel Dedicated to Flying. AVweb has a podcast interview with Phil Hurst who has been working for about five years to create Air and Space Television – a cable channel dedicated to flying. In the interview, Hurst talks about his vision for the channel and the progress made so far.

Brazil is More Than Just Embraer. In addition, AVweb has a podcast interview with Sergio Luiz Gargiani, the president of an industrial trade board representing Brazil’s state of Santa Catarina at Sun ‘n Fun 2013. Sergio talks about how  the light aircraft industry in Brazil is more than just Embraer.

Help Cut General Aviation Red Tape. Minister without Portfolio, Grant Shapps, is calling on the General Aviation sector to tell the Government how it can make their lives easier by cleaning up red tape. GA pilots who want to participate can visit or send a private contribution to [email protected].

Recycling An Aircraft – Papua New Guinea Style. Finally, Matt Dearden, the British pilot behind the Bush Flying Diaries, Indonesia blog, has posted a few pictures showing the creativity of Papuans when it comes to recycling a bush aircraft damaged beyond repair – including this rather clever use for the cabin roof:

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