Best of the Web - AerocarMolt Taylor on Flying Cars. Air Facts has republished an article from January 1959 by Molt Taylor – perhaps the most successful (or least unsuccessful) flying car entrepreneur of the 20th century who managed to deliver a few copies of his Aerocar (A total of six were built but they never went into full production). In the article, Molt shared the challenges of creating a flying car that solved the “doorstep to doorstep” problem, but many of the questions he asked are still being asked today about the Terrafugia Transition and other flying car concepts.

Manchester Voted the Best UK Airport. Manchester has been voted the best UK airport in a poll of travellers by travel search site Skyscanner with Gatwick coming in second, followed by Newcastle and Birmingham. Manchester airport was voted as having the best customer service, facilities and shopping as well as the best bars and restaurants.

Doolittle Raiders Hold a Final Reunion. The Doolittle Raiders held their 71st and final public reunion in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, from April 16 to 20. That’s near Eglin Air Force Base where their mission to bomb Japan from aircraft carriers began in 1942 with short-field practice take-offs. Of the 80 men who took part in the raid, only four are still living with three well enough to attend the reunion where they raised a toast and turned over a goblet to the memory of raider Tom Griffin, 96, who died February 26. For more information about the Doolittle Raiders, visit

Latch That Canopy! A Messerschmitt Me 262 en route from Tucson, Arizona, to Houston suffered damage to its canopy during takeoff from Midland International Airport. The rear canopy hadn’t been latched properly (as the pilot had closed it early to protect himself from wind and cold) and blew off during the attempt to taker off. The Messerschmitt Me 262 is one of more than 20 military aircraft in the collection of the Collings Foundation.

Flight Attendants Change Places With a Pilot (And Get the Pilot Into Trouble). The Times of India has reported a strange incident that allegedly took place on Air India’s flight No 133 from Bangkok to New Delhi on April 12: Two flight attendants spent almost 60 minutes inside the cockpit and at one point (while flying on auto-pilot at 33,000 feet), they briefly occupied the seat of the pilot and the co-pilot with the auto pilot’s disconnect button being inadvertently pressed for a few moments. Needless to say, the pilot was suspended as the incident gets investigated.

Rescuing an Old Warbird From the Interior of Alaska. Michigan resident Patrick Mihalek has dreamed about recovering a B25 Mitchell bomber from a sandbar in the Tanana River in an interior part of Alaska. The so-called "Sandbar Mitchell" was forced down after an engine failure in 1969 with the engines, propellers and instruments being removed and the rest of the aircraft remaining where it came down. Mihalek is looking for both volunteers or donations for his Sandbar Mitchell project and you can read more about the project and see some photos of the legendary B25 on the project website. - Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum ArchivesCart Used During President Kennedy Visit to Be Put on Display. Finally, the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum will unveil the restored McDonnell Aircraft factory cart used by company Board Chairman and CEO James S. McDonnell to drive President John F. Kennedy around during his visit in 1962.  The cart will be dedicated on Monday, May 6th, at a ceremony to be held at the Museum, located at historic Curtiss-Wright Hangar 2 at St. Louis Downtown Airport.

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