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From Africa to America in a DC-3. If you want to read a good adventure story, Jeff Tait has written for Air Facts about his adventures forty years ago ferrying a DC-3 from Niger in Africa to North America. The article starts out with him flying from Paris to Niger on an Air Afrique flight where the passengers prepared their own food in the cabin and the DC-3 in flightFrench crew enjoyed wine with their meals. And the story gets even more interesting after he lands!

Visiting the Rotax and Pipistrel Factories. General Aviation News has an informative article by Dan Johnson about visiting the factories belonging to Rotax Aircraft Engines in Austria and Pipistrel in Slovenia. Pipistrel may not exactly be a household name like Cessna, but they have been around for 25-years producing LSA’s broadest line of all-composite aircraft. Apparently, each company spoke highly of the other and both were highly impressive places to visit.

Free LSA Videos. Dan Johnson has also put together a collection of 300 videos on his LSA Video page – noting that he and his fellow LSA enthusiasts were busy at Aero Friedrichshafen 2013 where they took more than 30 videos (or more than seven videos per day for more than five hours total running time) plus they were also busy at this year’s SUN ’n FUN.

Spitfire vs Bf 109 and F-14 vs Su-27: The Difference is Always the Pilot. That was the title of a fascinating article by Dario Leone for the Aviationist blog which is a must read for any World War II or Spitfire buff as he went into considerable detail about the similarities and differences in performance between the Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

Sennheiser Debuts New Headset for Professional Pilots. Sennheiser has unveiled the HMEC 26-2, the successor to the HMEC 26 pilot’s headset for commercial pilots. The HMEC 26 with active noise cancellation has apparently been Sennheiser’s most popular headset for airline and business pilots while the changes made were based on feedback requested and received from professional pilots and airlines from all over the world.

Flying Eyes Sunglasses Now Available as Bifocals. If you are looking for new sunglasses for the cockpit, Flying Eyes sunglasses are now available in three standard magnification strengths and with two different bifocal height choices. In addition, these sunglasses are convertible to “normal” sunglasses and offer UV400 sun protection for flying at high altitudes. For more information, visit

Was Last Year or Will This Year Be the Bottom for Business Jets?  Alton K. Marsh, the Senior Editor of the AOPA Pilot Blog, has written a piece noting that Corporate Jet Investor has looked at business jet data and concluded that compared to last year, jet deliveries will be down and 2013 will enter history as the worst year since 2004. However, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association looked at the same data and concluded that last year was the worst year while Alton concluded that both surveys point to the fact that it can only get better from here. Why? He then went on to list all of the new jets coming down the line.

Proposing With an RC Helicopter Camera. Finally, Peta Pixel has reported that photographer Jason Muscat used an RC helicopter camera and mounted an engagement ring to propose to his now-fiancée in San Francisco. As you can see from this video, the proposal went off without a hitch!

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