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Pedestrians on the Runway. Meanwhile, any pilot or passenger who has ever flown into the Gibraltar airport knows that it can take up to 10 minutes to clear all of the people or traffic from the runway. However, Alton Mars writes on the AOPA Pilot Blog that the soon to be completed tunnel under the Gibraltar runway will not completely solve the problem of pedestrians and auto traffic crossing the runway as emergency vehicles and pedestrians alike will still have access to the above ground portion of Winston Churchill Avenue. Thus, if you are planning a flying trip to Gibraltar soon – don’t be surprised if you are still delayed.

Monarch Jet taking of from Gibraltar Airport

Voyage to Greece. However, if you are instead planning a trip to Greece, Denis Pariente has posted a trip report with excellent photos on the French Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) website. Unfortunately for English only readers, the trip report is written in French but the photos definitely convey the beauty of the Greek Islands – both from the air and on the ground.

Trip Reports from Across the Pond. Meanwhile across the pond, Roger Worden of Roger’s Soaring Blog has posted a trip report about his trip over the Tehachapi Valley (a particularly scenic valley between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert in Southern California) while Brian of Brian’s Flying Blog has posted a trip report complete with pictures of his recent trip to the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole Wyoming.

A Nature Photographer Goes to the Reno Air Races. In addition and for any fan of old war birds, well known wildlife photographer Moose Peterson has posted an entire gallery of photos he took from his recent visit to the Reno Air Races on his blog. The photos are absolutely stunning and we can only hope that Moose branches out into aviation photography.

Runway Re-Numbering. On an unusual note, John Ewing of Aviation Mentor has noted on his blog that as the earth’s magnetic field shifts (which it constantly does albeit subtly), so do runway numbering schemes which are supposed to be based on the magnetic direction of the centerline. This in turn is either rounded up or down to the nearest 10 degrees. Hence, some of the airport runways he is familiar with are in the process of being re-numbered.

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