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Helicopter Used to Rescue Hikers Attacked by Bees. KVOA-TV has reported that a helicopter in Pima County, Arizona was used to rescue hikers being attacked by bees. The helicopter flew down to 50 feet to blow the bees away from the hikers and apparently its not the first time that’s been done by Search and Rescue crews there. Three victims including a 6-year still ended up in the hospital.

1,000 Hours Flying the Pilatus Porter. Matt Dearden, a British born PC-6 pilot flying out in the jungles of Papua and Indonesia who is also the blogger behind the Bush Flying Diaries blog, has written that he recently passed 1,000 hours flying a Pilatus Porter. To mark the occasion, he came up with a list of highlights and lowlights (like food poisoning while flying) he has had with the PC-6 during those 1,000 hours flying. He also has an entry about a recent road trip to the Monaco Grand Prix. - Saker S-1The Saker S-1 Personal Jet is Introduced. Saker Aircraft Corp. has introduced the Saker S-1, a MACH .99, two-seat personal jet, which company officials claim will be “one of the world’s fastest and most efficient civilian aircraft available for purchase when it receives FAA and EASA certification and goes into production.” The Saker S-1 draws its inspiration from military fighters and is intended for “aviators and the business elite who demand high-octane performance from their personal transportation.” For more information:

Beechcraft Delivers its 4,000th Bonanza. Beechcraft Corp. recently held a special ceremony to deliver the 4,000th Model 36 Beechcraft Bonanza, the longest continuously produced aircraft in history as more than 18,000 Model 35, 33 and 36 units have been delivered since 1947. - Light aircraft crash-lands in Cheltenham gardenLight Aircraft Crash-lands in Cheltenham Garden. The BBC has reported a Cirrus SR22 crash-landed in the back garden of a house in Cheltenham after its emergency parachute system on board was deployed. The pilot, a 76-year-old man from London, suffered only minor injuries. Larry Williams, the President of BRS Aerospace based in Minnesota which designed the system, was quoted as saying he thinks it’s the 295th person saved by his company’s parachutes.

CAA Changes. On a regulatory note, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has updated stakeholders on some of the latest licensing developments and also future improvements to the way the organisation works. In addition, the CAA has announced an intention to replace Class F airspace.

The National Museum of the US Air Force. If you can’t visit the National Museum of the US Air Force as its located on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base 6 miles northeast of Dayton, Ohio (not exactly an area that’s a major tourism destination), Fred Harl has posted a great collection of pictures from the Early Years Gallery Display to show you what you are missing. Aircraft from a variety of countries are featured to make the point that the US was not the leading aircraft producer during the first two decades of flight. The gallery Fred visited features balloons, the Wright Brothers, World War I era aircraft and B-10 and P-26 monoplanes from the 1930s.

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