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Czechs Design a Flying Bike. AVweb has reported that a group of Czech engineers and designers have successfully test flown via radio control a proof of concept hybrid bicycle/multi-copter, the FBike. The group hopes to perform a manned flight soon; but in 2012, the design team said the project was just a marketing exercise and was not intended for production (unlike the design two British cyclist recently test flew).

Young Pilot Completes His Solo Around the World Flight. Jack Wiegand has completed his mission to break the current Guinness World Records title and became the youngest person to fly solo around the world. The Fresno, California, native was 21 years 7 days old when he broke the current record held by James Anthony Tan of Malaysia who was 21 years 344 days when he took the title in May 2013 (Tan also suffers from dyslexia). As we mentioned a few months ago, Wiegand was nearly grounded on the first leg of his journey after leaving his passport in a library copy machine.

Sporty’s Debuts Warbird Sculptures. Sporty’s Wright Bros. Collection has introduced two World War II era sculptures: A fighter and a bomber. The sculptures are crafted of resin and may be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk or bookcase. The Bomber Wall Sculpture [2835W] and the Fighter Wall Sculpture [3075W] are each available for $59.99 on

Bomber  Fighter

Discovering Aerial Treasures at San Francisco’s Treasure Island. The Nuts About Southwest blog has a profile about Treasure Island, a man-made island in the middle of San Francisco Bay accessible by the Bay Bridge. The island was built for the 1939 and 1940 World’s Fair and contains the last big collection of Art Deco buildings constructed. What’s more interesting though is that one of these building was designed as an airport terminal for Pan American World Airways’ flying boats and the island was intended to become the San Francisco Airport until World War II caused a change those plans.

A Visit to the Brooklands Museum in Surrey. Rodney of Rodney’s Aviation Ramblings recently visited the Brooklands Museum in Surrey and he has posted a bunch of photos from his visit. Rodney noted that the museum contains vintages motor vehicles of all sorts, a building full of old buses and a number of aircraft.

The Latest Issue of the FAA Safety Briefing is Now Available. On a safety note, the July/August 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on airman preparedness and explores procedures, techniques and equipment that can help you stay ahead of the aviation safety curve and be prepared for the unexpected. Click here to see the briefing online.

Beware of the “Moose Spiral.” In addition, General Aviation News has a lengthy article from an Alaska based pilot filled with safety tips. The pilot also gave this warning for all pilots:

“There’s is plenty to see when flying in Alaska, but remember to always fly the airplane instead of focusing on that giant moose or bear on the tundra. The ‘Moose-spiral’ has killed plenty of pilots.”

An Airport With an Unusual Group of Employees. Finally, officials at the San Francisco International Airport have hired a herd of part-time employees to toil on fire prevention: 400 goats. Since the area is the home of the endangered San Francisco garter snake and the California red-legged frog, machines or humans can’t be used, but the brush still needs to be cleared to protect nearby homes from potential fires. The airport paid $14,900 for the service this year and the goats travel 30 miles each spring in a 16-wheel truck from their home in Orinda to report for work at the airport.

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