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When the Engine Quits Safety Video. Jason Schappert has created and posted an excellent safety video podcast about what to do if the engine on your 150, Skyhawk, or Archer should quit. He goes through the ABCs of such an emergency and uses a computer simulation to demonstrate the best safety procedure. The video is well worth watching – even by experienced pilots.

Back in the Sky. On a more upbeat note, David Megginson is happy to report on Land and Hold Short that he has passed IFR renewal flight test that he failed back in June. Hence, he now back in the sky without having the inconvenience of not having IFR. He also writes that he is now feeling much more confident hand-flying in the clouds after having a few hours of review training.

images Civil Air Patrol Training (CAP) Form 5 Checkout. On a related note, Stephen Force, the online “superhero alter ego” of private pilot and aviation lawyer Steve Tupper, has written a detailed post about passing the Civil Air Patrol Training (CAP) Form 5 checkout in his Cessna 182T Nav III. He is now qualified to fly his airplane both VFR and IFR for CAP. For readers across the pond who are not familiar with CAP procedures and/or his aircraft, his lengthy post is well worth reading.

Avidyne R9 Upgrade. Meanwhile, Craig Sherman has posted a detailed entry on the COPA blog about the installation process for his Avidyne R9 upgrade. In the post, he discusses some of the choices he faced along with the costs associated with these options and he also posted a video of the composite repair and WAAS upgrade that his friend’s plane needed. Hence, for anyone considering upgrading to the Avidyne R9, reading about Craig’s experience is well worth it.

Twenty-Four Hours of Global Radar Activity Video. And finally on an interesting note, The Digital Aviator has posted a video containing 24 hours of global radar observations of large aircraft from space that was condensed down into a 2 minute video. During daylight hours, the continental USA, Europe and East Asia are obvious hubs of activity along with certain transatlantic and transpacific corridors. The video is definitely a marvel to watch!

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