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Flying Solo. In a post that will bring back memories of training days from any pilot readers, Paul of ASK the CFI answered a query from an individual working towards his PPL who feels he is not yet ready to fly solo as he still has problems when it comes to the landing (One of Paul’s suggestions was to visualize the landing from an outside perspective and to utilize a flight simulator program such as Microsoft Flight Simulator to do so). The post has already elicited a number of thoughtful responses from experienced pilots sharing how they have overcome any jitters when it comes to landing and their first solo flight.

On a related note, Lets Go Flying has posted a short inspirational note from someone who has just had their first solo flight. The entry is appropriately titled: My First Solo as a Deaf Pilot.

Outback airplanes videos. Meanwhile, the Airgyro Aviation blog has posted some interesting videos about Outback airplanes, which are classified as Special Light Sport Aircraft. These aircraft come with a high performance light weight engine and are built with a nearly indestructible steel airframe – making them very strong and durable. Videos posted include one giving a brief tour of the factory down under.

Free runway safety DVDs. If you are across the pond, the FAA is stepping up its runway safety efforts by distributing free DVDs in the April editions of AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines. The DVDs feature instructional videos that are aimed at helping pilots enhance their runway safety skills.

What hypoxia sounds like. And finally on a serious note, AC Pilot News has posted the audio exchange between air traffic control and a Learjet whose pilot was suffering from the affects of severe hypoxia. Unable to turn on the autopilot, the pilot was required to work to keep the plane flying and thus, was able to remain conscious. With assistance from two ATC professionals who recognized that the symptoms of hypoxia, the pilot was instructed to descend to a lower altitude where he confirmed that he was indeed suffering from the affects of the condition. The actions of the two ATC professionals would earn them the Archie League Medal of Safety Awards 2009 – Great Lakes Region.

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