Best of the Web: 2011 aviation review

The Top 10 General Aviation Stories of 2011. John Ewing of Aviation Mentor has posted what he feels to be the top ten general aviation stories of 2011. These stories included the iPad taking off, the shrinking pilot population (?), block aircraft registration request, NextGen (someday…), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), kindler and gentler temporary flight restrictions, getting the lead out of fuel, the LightSquared fiasco, Aeronav chart costs and a farewell to the FAA’s Randy Babbitt. In addition, AVweb also has a top general aviation stories of 2011 post as well.

Airlines We Lost in 2011. The Cranky Flier blog has put together their annual list of airlines that were lost during the year. And while most of these airlines will probably not be missed by most passengers, there is one that surely will be missed by male passengers: Icaro from Ecuador. Apparently, the airline would have 10 minute lingerie shows on one of its short internal flights (Richard Branson and Michael O’Leary, are you watching?!!!)

The Top Military Aviation Stories of 2011. We mentioned this the other day but David Cenciotti, the Italian blogger behind the Aviationist blog, has written a lengthy and must read post for military aviation buffs listing the top military aviation stories or interesting messages of 2011.

The Top 10 Aviation Stories of 2011. Furthermore, Terry Dixon with the Dallas Morning News’ Airline Biz blog has also been compiling a lengthy top 10 list of aviation stories for 2011 with one detailed blog post per entry.

The Top 10 Aviation Video Stories of the Year. In addition, we had also mentioned that FlightGlobal’s Flight Blog has posted links to the top 10 aviation video stories for 2011 with number one being a video of a giant Airbus A380 clipping a CRJ at New York’s JFK.

The Top 10 Fear of Landing Posts. Sylvia, the blogger behind the entertaining Fear of Landing blog, has also compiled a top 10 list of her most popular blog posts for the year with #1 being A Close Encounter With an Emu.

2011 Might Have Been the Safest Year for Commercial Aviation. And to end 2011 on a high note, the Dallas Morning News’ Airline Biz blog has mentioned that 2011 appears to be on track to be the safest year ever for commercial aviation. In fact, the blog mentioned an article from the The Wall Street Journal that noted 2011 will likely set records for the lowest post-war rate of passenger fatalities and the lowest total number of passenger deaths. The WSJ article stated there was roughly one passenger death for every 7.1 million air travelers worldwide – beating the previous low of one per 6.4 million passengers set in 2004.

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